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How to Select Good Essay Topic

Selecting an Interesting Essay Topic

Most of the Article/Blog writers nowadays must be pretty much comfortable in writing essays of various types. But many of them are not aware that there are different categories of essay types if we differentiate them. Perhaps there is no significant/practical use in having the knowledge of essay categories. It is still be worth in spending a while to know about those categories as “essay topics” has become a part of our life.

Academic essay writing in schools/colleges is how essay topics have entered into our life. This is a competition where the student has to present his/her views on the given subject.

A Technology essay demonstrates about a technology and uses lot of other sources of technical information to support/prove the writer’s ideas about the technology. Research papers/thesis can also be categorized in Technology essays as they also require rigorous research and secondary sources to support the main subject. This is the primary difference between Academic essay writing where the writer doesn’t need to present any support information and the Technology essay.

An essay that presents information about a constitution, its laws and regulations those essays come under law essays. Some times essays on politics, economics, psychology etc also be categorized under law essays. This research papers require presenting many references to support the writer’s idea and always demand great research about the society.

As the name suggests, history essays are the essays that are written about the ancient times, human history, great civilizations, memorable past events of a nation etc. History essays mainly deal with how new ideas are generated and transformed from one group of people to another. History essays are very interesting and sometimes fun because these deals with how new inventions which are now very useful are happened.

Narrative essays include essays on dramas, tales, novels, movies or on the writer’s own experiences etc. They can also be defined as Creative essays. This essays topics sometimes give valuable feedback on the original ones including critics. These essays may narrate the story in a different way than the original so sometimes it might be little different from the audience point of view. Often these essays might change the audience opinion also. Romeo and Juliet essay may narrate the original story line written by William Shakespeare or may describe other features of the novel like great literature of the novel.

There are many more custom essay topics like critical assays, romantic essays, philosophy essays, religious essays etc and it goes on. Under one roof they can be kept as General essays…

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