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How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay

Learn more on Making Essay Cover Pages

The cover page of an essay is considered to be the facade of the entire writing. For any writer it is very essential to know how to make a cover page for an essay, especially for students as the cover page of the essay creates the first impression and is very crucial in the grading process.

However, this does not mean that writers require to design an elaborate cover which is striking to the eye, the trick is to keep it simple yet appealing.

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In case of high school and middle school essay topics, students are often provided with the guidelines of creating the cover page of the essay, in this case they need to carefully follow each guideline given to them, so that the cover is crated as per the specifications of the instructor.

There are times when no instructions are provided to build this page, this is why we at ProfEssays.coms have listed certain basic principles to help you learn how to make a cover page for an essay.

1. Name
The full name of the writer should appear on the cover page of the essay as it is.

2. Submission Details
The date of submitting the essay should be clearly written along with the month and year.

3. Title
Mentioning the title of the essay is the most important step of creating a cover page for all types of essays. The title of the essay must be written clearly and in a comprehendible manner, so the instructor knows what the writer is going to be discussing in the course of the essay.

4. College / school / University
The cover page of the essay should carry the name of the institute and the class of the student.

5. Subject
The class in which the assignment has been given and the time of the class also require to be mentioned in the cover page.

6. Instructors Name
Finally the name of the assignee or the instructor who has given the assignment should be mentioned.
These are some basic rules one should keep in mind while learning how to make a cover page for an essay.
To give a profession look to the cover writers should use the same font in the cover page as he has used in writing the rest of the essay, as this also gives uniformity in presentation.

A very commonly asked question while designing a cove page is regarding the usage of pictures. Different types of essays have different requirements and it is advisable that the writer should avoid using images in the title page until and unless it has been specified or the essay demands it.

One can however, use a subtle image while presenting an essay in an art class or a design class, but the image should not be too overpowering. Learn more about the reasons to buy research papers at ProfEssays.com and check out our sample term papers which are free to download.

ProfEssays.com custom essay writers believe that by following these rules one can never go wrong in developing a cover page; however our experts are happy to help you create an apt essay cover page.

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