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How to Cite a Research Paper

Knowing How to Cite Research Papers Correctly

It is very essential to know how to cite a research paper, citation is primarily important to avoid being charged with plagiarism.

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Typically the citation of a paper is done as per the research paper format, however, the professional custom essay writers of ProfEssays.com have mentioned below basic steps of “How to cite a research paper” and the importance of the same, these steps include.
1. Research paper bibliography
The first and foremost step in citation is making a research paper bibliography page at the end of the paper.
2. Giving credit to the sources
After creation of the bibliography page, the writers should alphabetically enlist all the sources referred to in the paper.
3. Detailing of the sources
Writers require mentioning the Name of the book / article / journal from which the reference has been taken, one should also mention the page number and the year of the article.
4. Page numbers
In the research paper bibliography page, if required one can also after adding a semi colon add the page numbers of the sources.
5. Distinguishing between sources
To distinguish between sources referred to by the same author in a different year one can use an alphabetic letter in chronological order after the year of the publication date.
6. Proofreading the paper
A good research paper needs to be proofread to make sure that it is free from all writing errors, so is the case with the citation page one must thoroughly read through the paper n the citation page to ensure that all the sources have been mentioned.
7. Research paper writing style
It is advisable that to learn how to cite a research paper appropriately one must go through the rules of the writing style of the research paper. E.g. if a paper has been written in APA style, writers would be required to cite the paper in that particular format only
Importance of knowing how to cite a research paper

  1. To avoid plagiarism
  2. Give the reader an insight into the research pattern and methodology
  3. Enable readers to consult the sources referred to for further detail
  4. To establish the authenticity and substance of the paper
  5. Citation also enables the tutor to get an insight as to the extent of research carried out by the student.

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