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Guidelines on How to Cite a Paper

How to Cite a Paper – What You Need to Know

Important thing about writing essays is not the count how many you wrote but how many of your essays delivered worthy and useful information to readers. It’s not possible to provide the complete information about the subject in a single essay. But there’s a way to give completeness to your essay. That is providing citation to your essays. Most College essays especially when writing thesis or research papers to journals demand on citation.

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If you’re writing an essay which won’t be published in any journals it’s not mandatory that you cite the sources. Even if you add there is no need that you follow the guidelines. But when you are writing a thesis or an academic paper like USMLE and trying to publish it in the related journals it is essential that you properly cite the sources in your paper.

This article provides the guidelines that are necessary to cite a paper. There are many ways one can use while citation depending upon the type of the sources they are referring and the journal they are sending their article to be published.

  • One way to provide the citation is mentioning the last name of the author and the year of publication in brackets. An example is (lname 2009). This is the simplest method of citation.
  • If you want to add the page number also you can do it. An example is (lname 2009:101). This means you are asking the reader to refer page 101 in the book or paper that was written by lname published in the year 2009.

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  • If you want to add two references you can do it like this. (lname1 2009:101; lname2 1982).
  • If a book or the paper has an unidentified name that is the author is not known and you want to refer that paper the following format is used. (Anon. 2009).
  • All the citations should be ended with a full stop. Notice the full stop in the above examples.
  • To cite internet sources one may use the format
    You are not supposed to cite the reference in the foot note of your paper when your intention is to publish it in journals.
  • It is against the rule when you paraphrase a statement from a book or paper. You are not supposed to use the same statement from the published book.

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