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High School Essays for Beginners

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High school essays are not very easy to write. High school essays are written by students who are learners and beginners in writing essays. They are in the process of learning and developing their skills on how to write an essay and thus in the way of improving their writing skills. That’s the reason why it is bit tough for them to write an essay.

There are also scholarship essays that are conducted by big organizations which assist students in their studies by offering scholarships. To some extent scholarship essays also be categorized in High school essays.

Here are few tips on how to start High school essays.

1.  Choosing the essay topic:

  • If you are already given a subject then there is no need to follow this step.
  • If you are asked to write an essay about something of your own then you need to think and choose a topic of your interest. This gives you an opportunity to choose a topic that is relevant to you. So first think about the purpose of writing the essay and then it will be very easy to choose the topic.
  • If you want to educate pick any thing from your academic/studied subjects and that sounds more like a thesis or a presentation paper.
  • Else pick any subject that you are more passionate about.

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2. Gathering the relevant Information:

  • You must have some ideas in your mind to present while choosing the subject. Make a note of those points. Also try to gather other important points that are pertinent to the subject. Use resources like books, library, internet etc. Take the help of your parents, teachers and discuss the points with friends.
  • Also gather nice examples and illustrations you could provide to support all your relevant points.

3. Presenting the gathered data in a custom essay format:

  • This is the very important step and it evaluates your ability towards organizing skills and decides if it generates interest among readers.
  • Explain your essay topic very briefly in the Introduction para. You only have to give the clue. This should give readers an idea about the subject and create enthusiasm to read the entire essay.
  • In the next 3-4 paragraphs demonstrate the essay topic with all your supporting points, illustrations and examples. Provide useful links to references.
  • End your written work with a conclusion paragraph where you paraphrase the essay topic concisely and summarize the relevant points.

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