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Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Good Persuasive Essays on any Topics

If you want to support something say a product or a topic that has many controversial words or an action done by a person you can present them in an essay format and such essays are called persuasive essays. They are exactly opposite to argumentative essays in which the author opposes a topic. This essay helps you in finding good persuasive essay topics.

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Students are often asked to write persuasive essays. These kinds of essays give students a very good learning opportunity as they have to do through research to get the supporting positive and negative points. This also makes them learn how to present the views and thoughts in an essay format. These essays are the mostly written middle school essays.

One most important aspect students need to concentrate on while writing such essays is choosing topics for them. Here I present some views and related topics one can consider on while writing persuasive essays.

  • It is very important that the topic you choose must be one of your or your teacher’s interests or favorites. Otherwise you don’t get good points to present in the essay.
  • Now a day every one is aware of computer knowledge and if you are also interested then try to choose topics on computers. This definitely grabs the student’s interest. A topic like “Excessive usage of internet will have negative results on students” will be more useful.
  • While choosing the topic try to do some back ground work like gathering information on the topic to get basic idea and also it helps in formatting the structure of the essay. It is not like you blindly choose any topic of your interests.

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  • A persuasive essay should posses some value and should be meaningful. Especially essays that are written by students need to serve as study material to the remaining students thus they can also be called informative essays. These essays should enlighten their knowledge on the topic.
  • A topic like “Terrorism attacks on civilians should be stopped” is beneficial not only to the writer but also to the readers. It gives them a chance to understand the hidden aspects behind such incidents. We show great interest immediately after the incident happens but soon after we tend to ignore.
  • You can also write on a topic that creates fun and at the same time has some meaning. Topics like “School uniform a not mandatory attire”.

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