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Genesis on Critical Analysis Essay

Critical Analysis Essays are one of my favorite types of essays. These essays are more interesting (remember how interesting it is to read a review about a film that was just watched), more informative than original ones, allow the readers to think in different way and give the feeling of completeness about the subject.

What is a Critical Analysis Essay?

A Critical Analysis essay is an evaluation/review about a subject be positive or negative where the author nicely projects his opinions. The subject of the topic shall be thoroughly or rather critically analyzed by the author before putting it down on the paper. Thus the Author has to have more in-sight towards the subject, be very sure of what he intends to write.

Basic tips to write a simple Critical Analysis Essay:

1. Pick up a subject of a book/film/article/research… of your interest and analyze it. You could choose to write completely about the subject or just about the main story line or about a character or about the grammar/literature or about just one Para/scene of your interest etc.
2. Instead of just translating the original, make a note of pros and cons you think of in the subject, write down what the author wants to tell and whether he has given justice.
3. Do not boldly criticize the author when quoting the negative points.
4. You can give references/links to support your points.
5. Make sure that the essay is well organized and easily understand.

Practical uses of Critical Analysis essays:

There could be many advantages of critical analysis essays but I quote here the important one.
In educational Institutions students are asked to write critical analysis essays on their academic subjects like thesis, research papers or sometimes any subject of their interest. This is to make the student understand perfectly about the subject. This is his own way of learning. To make the essay expressive the student takes the help of all resources like reading books, using the library, discussing with fellow students thus improving his knowledge.
Critical Analysis Essay acts as feedback to the original author. If taken in a positive manner those points would be really helpful in his future developments.

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