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Sustaining the Right Food Term Papers with Your Good Writing Skills

Knowing How to Write a Food Term Paper

In his book Motivation and Personality, American Psychologist Abraham Maslow detailed his theory in human sustenance. Known today in psychology as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this theory explores the things and factors that must be considered in identifying the basic needs of humans. Using a triangular diagram, Maslow subdivided the human needs into 5 groups. These are physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization, in such particular order.

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The physiological need is the foremost need as it includes the obvious requirements necessary for human existence and survival. Maslow qualified breathing, water, food, excretion, sleep and homeostasis as part of the physiological requirements. For apparent reasons, breathing, water and food remain at the top of the list because without them, surviving would be impossibility. Among the three, the society has shown the most fascination on food. With an aim to go beyond sustenance and achieve a pleasurable experience, several culinary developments have been created and discovered. There was a time that spices were as precious as gold.

This simply illustrates how much food is of value, and how much palate satisfaction is of utmost importance. Even today, ProfEssays.com sees the importance that is given on food. Aside from conducting research on its nutritional values, and identifying what makes a healthy or unhealthy diet – culinary experts of different regions have created a cuisine that is distinct to the country of its origin.

There are varied types of cuisine that is in existent today – each distinct, unique and flavorful. In truth, a cuisine is not only identified by the continent or the country – though there is a unifying element for a country’s cuisine, tastes varies from region to region. That is, china may be known for their noodles and Italians are famous for their pasta – but the fact remains that each region in the mentioned countries has their own way of cooking a certain dish.

ProfEssays.com illustrates the varied cuisines from different regions, while identifying what are the remarkable traits of each so you may begin to come up with term paper ideas for your food term papers.

  • The African cuisine is known for using locally grown fruits, vegetables and cereal grains. Meat and milk products are also commonly seen in their food.
  1. West African cuisine’s traditional meal is heavy, that is eaten with starchy foods. As per their tradition, water is very significant – being the first thing that a host will offer to his guest.
    North African cuisine is known for their traditional food of couscous.
    East Africa has several regions with its own cuisine. Ugali is a staple starch dish that is usually consumed with stews or meat. Corn is the main ingredient of Ugali.
  2. Central Africa traditional cooking is characterized by their use of cassavas, peanuts, and plantains. Fufu is also a staple part of their meal, which is similar to the East African’s Ugali.
  3. Horn of Africa or the Eritrean cuisine’s main dish is stew. This is commonly served with flatbread called injera and legume paste called hilbet.
  4. Southern African cuisine or sometimes referred to as rainbow cuisine has diverse types of food because of it houses a fusion of different cultures.
  • European cuisine

o Eastern European region

  • Hungarian cuisine is known for their vegetables stews and Hungarian sausages.

o Northern European region

  • English cuisine is characterized by their focus on the quality of the ingredients rather than the approach in preparation and cooking.

o Southern European region

  • Italians are known all over the world for their food, where pastas and pizzas are synonymous to their cuisine.

o Western European region

  • Swiss are known all over the world for their specialties such as cheese and chocolate
  • Asian cuisine

o Central Asia region

  • Turkmen cuisine’s most staple food is called the Plov. It is fried and is composed of carrots, rice and mutton.

o East Asia region

  • Japanese cuisine is known all over the world. Japanese are famous for their sushi, tempura, and tonkatsu

o South East Asian region

  • Filipino’s staple food is rice. Some of the common dishes in the Filipino cuisine are adobo or meat cooked in vinegar and soy sauce.

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