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Food-Borne Illnesses Essay

Food borne illness or food borne disease refers to the diseases that occur due to consumption of contaminated food. It is also called food poisoning in colloquial language. There are two types of food poisoning. One of them is toxic agent in which the food becomes toxic due to bacterial action or action of other microorganisms. The other is infectious agent food poisoning in which the infectious microorganisms enter the body through contaminated food. Toxic form of food poisoning may occur when the microorganisms are no longer present but they have produced such toxics like serotoxins which results in food borne illness.

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Food Borne Illness Essay

Food borne illness essay is the writing, which major purpose is to enclose the problem of food borne illness and help to prevent it. By this illness one often understands getting sick through contaminated food. That is why any paper written on this topic should include the information about this food and symptoms of food borne illness. The symptoms are following: 1) upset stomach, 2) fever, 3) dehydration, 4) diarrhea, 5) abdominal cramps, 6) nausea and vomiting. Moreover, one should mention the cause for such disease to make the paper complete and useful for the readers. The reasons of food borne illness are harmful bacteria. Every food may have such bacteria. It is necessary to mention that bacteria may appear in the kitchen in case you leave food out for more than two hours. Everybody should be very attentive not to get this illness. Writing food borne illness essay is one of the means of becoming more aware of this problem.

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Food Borne Illnesses Paper

Food borne illnesses paper gives you a splendid opportunity to learn more about the problem under consideration. Each writing requires looking for basic information. The more you read the more you remember; that is why you may be asked to write papers on such topics as food borne illnesses paper. Do not forget about the structure of your paper. It depends upon the type of paper you are going to submit.

Food Borne Illnesses Summary

Food borne illnesses summary is written to show that a student fully understands the text about food borne illness. There are several tips that are necessary for writing a successful summary. They are the following ones: 1) pay attention to headings and subheadings of the text, 2) read and reread the text, 3) choose the main idea for each section, 4) prepare a thesis statement, 5) write the paper, and 6) revise the things written.

Food Borne Illnesses Book Report

A food borne illnesses book report should include such elements as title, abstract, introduction, background, past and related work, technical sections, results, future work, and conclusions. Each of these items is important. But before getting down to work you must know that one of the guarantees of excellent book report is starting writing it in time, long until the deadline. It is also important to think about your audience while writing.

Food Borne Illnesses Review

Food borne illnesses review must be written according to several major steps: start with a category, work out clear criteria, make judgment, gather evidence, and sum up the information you have written. In a good pithy report any judgment is based on a certain criterion; that is why think over this point carefully. Do not forget to gather enough evidence to support every argument you are going to present in the review.

Food Borne Illnesses Writing

Food borne illnesses writing should give the most essential information about food borne illnesses. It is possible to enlarge upon the ways of treatment in this paper. The treatment frequently increases the fluid intake. Quite often patients are treated at the hospital. The paper should stress that this illness is very dangerous. For instance, 5000 people die because of this disease annually. This illness must be treated by everyone very seriously. A good writing should include the ideas and suggestions that may change the situation for the better.

Food Borne Illnesses Speech

Food borne illnesses speech should enclose the major points concerning the problem under analysis. There may be 3-7 points in your speech. They should be prioritized according to the level of importance. Read the information you have chosen for the speech several times and delete unnecessary information. This writing must start with a good introductory part that will catch the attention of the audience. Do not forget to place logical ties between the points of your speech.

Food Borne Illnesses. Causes

Although food borne diseases are referred as food poisoning, not many cases occur due to toxins. The most diseases are caused due to pathogens like bacteria, viruses or parasites that contaminate the food. These diseases occur due to contaminated food. Thus, it is necessary to have clean and safe food to avoid these diseases. Also we should avoid eating stale food. If there is some smell in stale food we should not eat it, as there may be toxins and harmful microbes in it.

Symptoms of Food Borne Diseases

The symptoms of food borne diseases may be visible within hours of consuming contaminated food or sometimes they may occur after two or three days. Symptoms can be mild or severe. It depends upon the pathogen that entered the body. A person with food borne illness can recover after two or three weeks. It is an acute disease and there is no long illness. But in some cases it can be fatal. If it occurs to babies, pregnant women or persons with liver problems, then it could prove to be deadly. Food borne illness caused due to eating of infectious fish or other animal can result in long term ailment or allergy.

Food borne illness occurs due to contaminated food. This happens when the food is poorly handled or cooked. It can occur when there is shortage of food and people are forced to eat whatever they get. This can happen at time of natural calamities or war. It can also occur due to poor hygiene practice before and after eating food. One should wash hands properly before eating and after eating food to avoid food borne diseases. Other reason of food borne illness is consumption of out of date food. Therefore you should see the expiration dates of canned or packed food items before consuming them. If food is cooked, then there are chances of toxics in it which you can check by smelling it. Cooked food can be contaminated even in 2 hours of cooking at room temperature, so it is vital to store the food at proper temperature in order to preserve it.  Refrigeration can slow down the process of contamination. Partially cooked meat and fish can also result in food borne illness. Food contamination can even occur during food growing, harvesting, storing or transporting.  Food is easily contaminated in moist and warm weather.

Food borne diseases can be diagnosed by various pathological tests. The doctor will ask to go for some tests depending upon the symptoms that are visible in patient. Food borne illness is easy to be diagnosed if it is caused by known pathogen. But when an unknown organism enters the body, then it is more difficult and may take several days to be diagnosed.

How to Prevent Food Borne Diseases

Food borne illness can be prevented by following proper hygiene while cooking and eating. These simple steps can reduce a lot of diseases:

  • Food should be properly cooked at right temperature.
  • If the food stands out for two hours after cooking, then it should be kept in a refrigerator.
  • The knives and other utensils should be properly cleaned, as bacteria can spread from one food to another.
  • Meat and fish should be cooked at high temperature to kill the microorganisms that are present in it.
  • Wash your hands with warm water and medicated soap after you have handed poultry food item.
  • Dish towels and sponges should be sanitized once in a week. This can be done by using bleach powder.
  • Always keep a clean hand towel in your kitchen.
  • Wash all vegetables and fruits before consuming them.

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