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Essay Writing Prompts

Some Prompts for Writing Essays

Essay writing prompts are essay alerts given by examination authorities like GED to enable students have an idea of how to write an essay, students however are required to extract a topic for the essays. Understanding the trigger so to speak is a necessity to successful written composition essay. How to identify, recognize, and interpret prompts for a better and professional essay is what this article will deal on, ProfEssays.com employs expert writers who have the skill of producing high standard custom essays.

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Features of essay prompt

1. Prompts are usually brief and straight to the point
2. It is direct does not cause confusion because the crux of the matter is address without incoherency
3. Prompt should not be gender bias
4. a good prompt will move a writer to attempt all the rules in essay like following a proper essay outlines
5. An ideal prompt compel students to experience success in essay
6. prompt does not contain x rated issues or declarations that will be regarded as offensive or abusive
7. Prompt should be contain thought provoking issues, and directions such that inspire the writers to proceed in essay, and not dull out ones senses

Some students find it difficult to interpret the meaning of prompts effectively to compose quality custom term papers this is where writing company like ProfEssays.com comes in, they are experienced and knowledgeable in all custom essay writing requirements, they follow MLA, and APA, and other major university standards, their writers are UK and US graduates hired to write custom and project papers.

How to identify types of essay from a prompt

Argumentative essay prompt; the argumentative prompt triggers a writer to make judgment in an essay e.g. “many attempts have been made by relevant authorities to stop child trafficking what do you think about its result so far”?

This will prompt you to give your opinion and give reason for it

Narrative essay: the prompt urges you to tell a story e.g. it contains words like; describe, what is, give an account, etc e.g. “give an account of your job and educational experience before you became our employee”

The above prompt will induce one to telling a story
Cause and effect essay prompt: this prompt contains keywords such as affect, effect, reason, implications, etc example “if education is expensive try ignorance what do you thing is the implication of one to the other”
The cause of ignorance is lack of education.
Steps on writing essay prompt

1. Understand the prompt, and find out the core issues you are prompted to deal with
2. If you are an experience writer like ProfEssays.com, the first thing to do will be to extract a title, but if you are not just concentrate on writing the essay first, the essay topic will come later.
3. Take time to think of what is expected of you, brainstorm on ideas, jot down questions
4. conduct extensive research on the brain storm ideas
5. Ones you have gotten all required information, the next step will be to prepare essay format or outlines for writing essay.

Essay prompt is very essential for writing essays, and it is especially good for the non experience writers because it works like a guideline directing one towards composing a good essay.

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