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The Essay Outline Template and its Importance

Custom Written Essays and Outline Templates

One of the most vital steps of writing an essay is to know how to write an essay outline. In simple language an essay outline is a draft of the main essay, where all the facts, data and views to be mentioned in the essay are written in a sequential manner.

An essay outline template depends on the format in which the essay is to be written. Different types of essays have different scripting formats. However the most commonly used format is the five paragraph essay format, this format is most widely used for writing scholarly essays and most high school and middle school essay topics follow this format.

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Our panel of veteran writers at ProfEssays.com, have elaborated on the essay outline format which students should follow before writing any essay.

The format of an essay outline comprises of three main parts:

1. The Introduction
2. Main Body
3. And the conclusion

The Introduction
The essay introduction is responsible for catching the attention of the readers; hence the writers need to intricately plan the introduction and the thesis statement of the essay in this section of the outline. The thesis statement is the gist of the essay and has to be well thought about and outlined to be written in the essay.

Main Body
Generally the main body of all types of essays consists of three paragraphs. The main body of the essay is where the arguments, thoughts and ideas of the writer are scripted.
In the outline of the main body the writer has to list all the research and reference data, facts and opinions of other writers and his personal opinion, this is the most important part of an essay outline, therefore, a writer must be very cautious while drafting this outline and he should make sure that all the matter which is to be written in the main essay is scripted in the outline in the same sequence. This save the writer time and reduces the probability of errors while writing the final essay.

The conclusion
The essay conclusion is equally important as the essay introduction. This is responsible for influencing the thought process of the readers. In the outline of the essay conclusion a writer must enlist all the important points to be summed up and recapped. If possible one can also create a concluding statement which is powerful and impacting.

This is what generally an essay outline template should comprise of, writers must keep in mind that it is very essential to write an essay outline before scripting the final essay as it gives them better understanding of the subject and save time in writing the essay.

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