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Role of Morals in One’s Life – An Essay on Truth and Courage

Custom Written Essays on Truth and Courage

Swami Vivekananda, the great Indian Philosopher used to say that one’s fate is completely based on his thoughts and believes and one must always believe in truth and have strong courage. This is a very important life’s phenomenon and really one of the crucial factors which decides our future. This is an essay on truth and courage and urges their importance in human’s life.

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The terms truth and courage are considered as Philosophy terms or rarely religious words. If one writes an essay or an article on such topic that means he is more into a Philosophy essay.

Truth and Courage have significant importance on any human’s life. There are lots of many moral values present and people believe. But these two are the primary and important factors among others. Now we’ll understand their role in one’s life.

  • When we’re talking about the terms “Truth and Courage” we’re talking about the Human and moral values. They come through our life but one should learn about them in the childhood. These are the things which grow in a person as they were instilled into them by their parents, teachers. Whatever we learn there we carry them for the rest of the life.
  • It’s very important the parents should teach their children about the good moral values like the importance of sticking to the truth, never lying etc. They must teach fairly what a religion is and what its importance. In that way children are used in accepting the facts and believing them.
  • By examining History essays such as stories on great epics Mahabharata and Ramayana one can understand the importance of truth and courage. One can understand how honesty and strong courage gives ultimate win.
  • In education system there is a necessity that they have some subjects explaining with examples about the importance of the human values. Already there are some subjects like moral science, value education etc. But they must ensure that they have realistic examples so a student can understand easily.
  • One should understand the importance of being honest. There are numerous examples in the past illustrating its significance. Human beings should carry it and believe it from their hearts.
  • Courage plays a significant role in any person’s or country’s accomplishments. An example for such kind is the Indian Independence war with British government. Though Indians lack in strategies, money, machinery they have the courage in their mind that made them win that great struggle.

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