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How to Write Essay on Smoking

Professional Help with Writing Essay on Smoking

Smoking has to do with inhaling substances through the mouth which comes out in steam via the nostrils and sometime both (i.e. mouth and nose) smoking evolved through burning of incense by Babylonians, Indians, Israelites, etc for ritual purposes this practiced was later modified into internal consumption as we know today, the substance inhaled in the process of smoking is tobacco, India hemp, etc highly toxic and dangerous to the system.

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Considering the dangers of this act to humans one wonders why smoker find delight in it the evidence is seen in the sporadic increase of smoking among teenagers, students, youth, male, female old and young, even health practitioners who ought to know better are victim of this devious addiction. Maybe composing essay on smoking may induce a kind of orientation in students and help to curtail the number of smokers in the society. Should you have need for custom essay on smoking then buy essay from ProfEssays.com.

The major substance that constitutes smoking is tobacco an agricultural products gotten from Nicotiana genus, Nicotiana tabacum is commonly cultivated followed by Nicotiana rustica it is harvested, refined and packaged in different ways peculiar to producers, some additive are added before packaging to induce the effectiveness of the product.
Effects of smoking:

  • The early effect of smoking is very stimulating gives false sensation of wellbeing, this is the stage of addiction, this euphoria sensation is shot lived and eventually give way to depression, diminish brain and nervous system actions
  • Improved activeness and attentiveness
  • High blood pressure and heart beat
  • Impedes blood flow to some farthest point of the body like the toes, fingers etc.

How to write essay on smoking

Read and understand the essay topic, some topics may come in the form of discussing the result of smoking in the environment. Plan and structure essay, use any type of essay as you deem fit to compose the essay, reference using MLA, APA, and Harvard format, lastly adopt the use of essay outlines for writing the essay.
Smoking is a major health hazard, as chimneys are designed to have pathways for smokes to escape, so would God have added a suitable pathway for vapors to escape in men, if that situation was to be remedied I think the smoke passage way will be constructed on the head like two horns what do you think?

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Other effects are low appetites and smell, dizziness, watery eyes, etc long term effects are cancers, cardiac diseases, and disruptive pulmonary ailment.

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