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Writing an Essay on Mental Health

How to Write Essays on Mental Health

The brain is the control house of the body; it is the source of stimulus that triggers adequate and relevant response in other organs, systems, tissues and cells of the boy, improper functioning of the brain can lead to debilitating circumstances which is normally associated with mental disorders thereby developing a ground for mental health conditions such as nervous breakdown, depression etc. The world health organization defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. This definition is devoid of reality, except one have a way of detaching or becoming insensible to the challenges around him/her. It may be workable in advance countries and not in the third world countries. Writing essay on mental health has a correlation with medicine and health care essay, students in medical field are often required to write this essay, you can also buy essay on mental health from ProfEssays.com.

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Mental health as defined by WHO is not obtainable in a system where there is corruption, breakdown in law and order, economic crunch, retrenchment, sickness and diseases, etc as found in many third world-African countries, depression is among the effect of mental disorders reported to be the cause of death to many individuals including the advance countries, suicide attempts and event is on the increase, all due to mental disorder.

Expert have developed five live tasks to enhance mental health they are; work, leisure, friendship, love and seduction. The problem with this model is that a fault or challenge in any could lead to mental problem; it is however workable if a state of perfection is maintained. For instance a loss of work may lead to depression, even suicide in some cases, the same goes for a love gone sour a condition that can trigger not only heartaches but mental stress, depression, emotional withdrawals, if not checked suicide.

There are indeed many malfunctions in the society like environmental pollution, economic problem, conflicts and war etc all these can skew ones psychological condition in a negative direction below are some conditional remedies to enhance ones mental health they are; gender identity, sense of humor, exercise, stress management, cultural recognition, balance nutrition, self control etc

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Tips on writing essay on mental health

If you are prompted or not understand the essay title given, conduct extensive research to gather information about the subject matter, jot down the information, and prepare an essay plan and structure and finally present your write up using essay format. Include citations and write in paragraphs.

Maintaining a balanced state of mental health needs conscious effort, bad practices such as smoking, gluttony, overworking, etc must be avoided.

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