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Essay is defined as “a short interpretive or informative literary composition about an event or experience”. “Literary composition” is the catchword. Essays are essentially literary compositions. In academic circles essay assume a simpler definition. Written compositions with specific structure and format. An essay need not be a literary composition. It can be a technical paper also. Essays about science topics generally assume the form technical papers. The basic form of essay writing is maintained in technical papers also. Of the different formats for essays, Compare and Contrast essay form could be used to write a science essay about two comparable elements or Cause and Effect essay about a natural event and after effects. Basic requisites fore composing essays are knowledge of essay structure and some writing skills.

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Writing Essays about science topics needs more care than writing a literary essay. In literary essays, you can use your imagination and spout theories. Your theories or speculations will go uncontested. However, technical papers have to be handled with utmost care. You are dealing with established facts and figures and have no leeway for any mistakes or misstatements. Closely verify each and every statement to ensure correctness. If you are using information collected from websites on the internet, cross verify the data at more than one site. Collect information from sites of well-known and reputed organizations only. Most of the content on websites are intended to attract traffic the site and may not be accurate. Search Engine Optimization techniques are a bane to internet researchers.

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