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Espionage Essay

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Espionages mean an individual trying to get the information that is secret and confidential. The individual tries to get the information without the acquiescence of the holder of the information. One who tries to get the information has an undercover plan and does his task very secretly. Sometimes the holder of information does not even get to that the information he/she is saving is already out of hand. Basically it’s a planned and hidden task meant to harm others.

Since ancient times espionage is used to build large empires. Reference of this could be found out in ancient texts. An Indian ruler named Chandragupta Maurya disciple of Chanakya used assassins and spies to build large empire.   All these policies of Chandragupta are mentioned in the texts of his time.  Egyptians also had a well build network of spies. Hebrews also used spies and intelligence. Mongols used espionage to invade Asia and Europe. Espionage was used by Greeks and Romans as well. In Elizabeth England espionages were used for building a large empire over other territories. In cold war also espionages were used between United States of America and its allies. They were also extensively used between Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China and their allies.   So it is evident from all these cases that espionage is very common to obtain information of others without letting them know about it. This gives state an opportunity to develop its administration system better than others.

Humans are mostly used for espionage and they work as secret agents for the country they work for.  Espionage is basically obtaining the information of one nation and transferring it to the nation for which the work is carried out. Espionage is basically to harm the nation and its military and administration process. In wars espionage means to get the information regarding the plans that the opposition is planning to carry forward. Once the plans are leaded the opposition gets week and have on time to make another policy, thus espionage could prove to be fatal for the country against whom it is carried out.

Basically espionage is getting the information of other nation but now it is also used to refer to industrial loss of information and is referred as industrial espionage. Canada is losing 12 billion dollar per year due to espionage. Also many jobs are lost due to espionage. This is also used in corporate houses against one other and thus results in loss of the company whose information is leaked. The tender quotation or launch of new product such information is vital for any corporate house and loss of these information results in loss of reputation and business which is harmful and destructing.

Many nations still use espionage and recruit spies to gather information of their allies but they deny commenting on this. They do this at their own risk. The person recruited are never recruited under state, they are privately hired.  Espionage can also be used to spread wrong information in the host country to create turmoil. Spies who are being sent for espionage are first trained to get the information. They are given training by the state like military training. It has been sometimes found out that the spies were military officers but when they are caught the nation for which they work for don’t even recognize them.

Espionage is a very risky task and thus who do it do at their risk because once they are caught their country will not recognize them thus they are lured into this task by promise of huge money and prosperity once the task is completed. The risks are a person spying and breaking the law of the country can be caught and put behind the bars for ever.  He or she can be deported or executed. A person spying against his own country can be executed or be asked to leave the country his/ her nationality is taken away.

Women are also recruited as spies. They were first recruited in Second World War earlier it was considered unethical to have women in army but in world war two when there was shortage of soldiers; women were given the task of espionage. Also it is believed that women are easily trusted and they can easily perform this task but the risk factor is so high that there are very few women to do this task.

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