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Environmentalism Essay

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Environmentalism is a movement towards safeguarding our planet earth. We all are witness that the health of our planet is getting worse and we are responsible for this. Thus environmentalism is a movement that aims at saving our planet from this degrading situation. The aim of environmentalism is not just to provide us clean water and air but cleaning the environment. While environmentalism is based on science it draws its aim from spirituality. In ancient times environment was considered as a deity and thus was worshipped and preserved but now the humans have exploited this environment to an extinct that if we don’t take concrete steps at this level our environment would collapse ultimately resulting in end of life on earth.

It is true that environment is a living body it keeps on changing but the rate at which it is changing is alarming for us it is changing so fast that it is difficult for living organisms to adapt themselves according to the changes taking place. Humans have overexploited the resources of the earth due to which environment is degrading. With the new lifestyle and urbanization the use of resources has increased many folds and thus the natural balance is disturbed.

Environmentalism aims at:

Protecting biodiversities: human activities have destroyed the natural habitat due to which many species are endangered and some are even extinct so for better and safe environment we need to preserve biodiversity.

Eliminating pollution: pollution is the main cause of poor health of environment so we need to check the pollution level. Environmentalists aim at eliminating pollution by adopting alternative methods. The pollution have effected our environment very much we all can witness its harmful effects, global warming is one such effect. Global warming has risen the temperature of earth and water level in oceans and seas if this will go on like this the polar ice will result in large scale destruction. The main green house gas is carbon dioxide whose level has risen due to increasing pollution.

Restoring habitat: Environmentalists are working to restore the natural flora and fauna so that endangered species can be preserved. Eventually it will help to create green area that will help in cleaning the environment.

Slowing climate change: we can not stop the change that will take place in the environment over the period of time but we can slow it down by reducing the use of fuels that causes global warning. We can adopt safer methods for example instead of using CFCs in refrigerator and AC we can work out for other material. Also the use of sprays and perfumes can be minimized and natural material can we used.

Recycling: it is a method of reusing the things. We can save resources by recycling. If we recycle the things then a large amount of resources can be saved. We can recycle various things made of metals or plastic. We can save lot of trees by recycling of paper.

Reducing consumption: if we all make it a point that we will use the things that are necessary and would avoid undue wastage of resources then we can save our environment. The need of the time is to do sustainable development without compromising with the needs of future. When we move out of room we should turn off lights also for short distance we can use cycles, all this will help in reduction in consumption of resources and energy.

Getting children out: this aim of environmentalism may sound strange to you but it is an important step towards green living. Now days children remain indoor they watch T.V. or play videogames or chat on net all this results in consumption of electricity. This over use of energy resource harms nature. It results in electric pollution. In many parts of world electricity is made by burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum, both of these results in pollution which is harming our nature so children should be encouraged to play outside.

Using alternative sources: we should discard the use of things that result in pollution and harm our nature instead we should develop alternative method. For example CNG is much cleaner fuel than petroleum. Scientists are working to find out better and safe sources of energy.

Green housing: a lot of energy in our houses are consumes to maintain bearable temperature but if live in green houses that are made such that they can themselves maintain the temperature then lot of energy can be saved. These houses are made of two walls and air trapped between the walls act as insulator thus prevent the house from heat and cold.

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