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How to Write an Environmental Essay

Professional Help with Writing Environmental Essays

The totality of the of the earth; the firmaments, body of waters, plants, animals, etc makes up the environment, the new international Webster’s collegiate dictionary 2002 edition included “external circumstances” as part of its definition. What external circumstances? Is it by any means including the nine planets as part of the environment? Whatever the case the environment is crying for relief from human belabor. Environmental issues are diverse each with its evil effects if not curtail could cause great disasters to man. Students, environmentalist, ProfEssays.com are required to write environment essay on any topic concerning the environment and its effects on living things.

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“God blessed them and God said unto them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and every living things that moveth upon it” (Holy bible KJV. Gens 1. Vs28)

The above reference is a Christian religious belief that when God created man he approved and placed in him the character that enable man take charge of everything created on earth. So far humans have fulfilled most if not all aspect of the mandates which are, Fruitful, multiply, and replenish (reproduction, scientific and technological inventions, discoveries, education etc) subdue and dominion (control of all things living or not living except another human) despite the awesome success achieved by man in observing these divine order the mess created in every technological breakthrough bears bad witness against us for instance cars; the rate of car accidents is climbing high everyday, not to talk of the evil of pollution caused by the fumes from car engines, same goes for aircrafts, oil discoveries, etc These and many more is gradually destroying the environment hence making it uninhabitable, it is therefore right to says man’s discoveries and inventions is like a two sided sword that builds and destroys at the same time.

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Tips on writing environmental essay:

There are several types of essay approaches at your disposal namely: persuasion, argumentative, information, analysis, evaluation, or description essay approach. Choose an essay topic you understand if prompted or given an essay title the rule is the same.

Possible interesting research paper topics are; Environmental issues, effect of oil drilling in the environment, deforestation and the environment. Whatever title you choose it requires investigation for information, get all the necessary knowledge.

Write a thesis statement you can decide to be argumentative or controversial example “man’s discoveries and inventions is like a two sided sword that builds and destroys at the same time” the befitting topic could be “describe the effect of notable scientific discoveries and relate to the environment”

Write out the introduction, body and conclusion, include citation when needed, use paragraphs in the body of essay as done by ProfEssays.com.

The environment is not a fool it gives back what it gets from man, scientist, producers, technologists etc should dedicate time to thinking how to protect the environment from possible disaster that can possibly arise from their creations. Read more on the following topics: sample essays, custom essays UK and cause and effect essay writing assistance.

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