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How to Write Economics Essay

Professional Help with Writing Economics Essays

Economics is a social science that deals with the delivery, production, organization and control of wealth in a nation, it determines how the abundant resources of a country is shared and utilized in other to create more. The study of economics is very important to the macro and micro economy of a nation students studying economics are often required to write academic assignments using economics essay, the same goes for economics professionals working in organization or a sole proprietor establishments. How this economics essays is written is the goal of this article just like the goal of ProfEssays.com is to deliver quality custom essay papers to you.

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Economics is so diverse that a proper definition is yet to be given to it, several attempts where made by great economist like John Stuart Mill in 1843, Alfred Marshal in 1890, Adam smith in 1776, amongst these lot Professor (Lord) Lionel Robbins in 1932 gave a nearly accurate definition he says Economics is “a science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce, means which have alternative uses” This definition was accepted because the major factors embraced by the subject was mentioned such as; Study of human behavior, science, ends and scarce, means and alternative uses.

Importance of economics:

  • It helps to proffer elements that lead to satisfying human desires
  • Economics help to decide on the list of alternative uses or options available to satisfy human wants
  • It tells how goods produced are to be distributed
  • Hoarders are put in check through the study of this subject
  • A country total revenue and expenditure is estimated in a certain year

These and many more are the relevance of economics to an individual and a society.

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How to write economics essay:

1. Study the topic and make sure you understand what you are required to do. For instance a topic like “describe the importance of opportunity cost to an individual, firm and a government” First take note of the request to “describe”, adopt the approach use in writing descriptive essay it includes writing in details, use words that the reader can almost see, touch, sense, perceive, and taste.
2. Still on the topic proceed to investigating or nose around for information in the libraries, journals, internet, news papers, etc the reason is to find out the definition of opportunity cost, relevance to individuals, firm and government, you can compare and contrast the importance.
3. After getting the needed information the next step is to go on to giving a thesis statement. Try any of these: information, argumentative, or evaluation essay, your choice but let it be theoretical, short, direct and memorable.
4. Introduction: List out all your key points and give very short and interesting explanation, avoid paragraphing, you can also ask an intriguing question that will pull reader curiosity to seek the answer.
5. Body: list out key point, in this case the importance of opportunity cost to individual, firm, and government in different paragraphs. Do not forget cite references, examples, and quotations
6. Conclusion: reconfirm your thesis statements.

Economics is a useful tool for creating and maintaining a nation, individual, and company’s wealth. Read more on the following topics: descriptive research paper, research paper proposal and persuasive research paper writing help.

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