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Documentary Base Question Essay (DBQ Essay): Tips, Practical Outline

DBQ Essay Writing Assistance

Document base question is a style in academic practice that involves question-derived composition that is based on history, ideas, experience, and so on. This type of essay is subtly complex to write, especially if you are not an experience writer, the writing technique is slightly different from the conventional types of essays like: analytic, persuasive. Cause and effect essay etc ProfEssays delivers the best custom essay paper in the industry; they deliver on time 8 hours for emergency custom research papers.

Unlike other type of essay where one is required to base on individual experience or knowledge, DBQ essay requires one to answer documentary question in a detailed form. From the above explanation it is therefore right to infer that essay has two parts namely; the primary parts, which could be drawn from different sources and secondary part. The primary is the documentary question while the secondary part contains the answers, written in form of essay, so you will not be wrong to say the second part is a complex and systematic answer to an historical question.

The secondary part or question answering part has to be delivered strategically, with understanding of the historical cause and effect.


To achieve success in DBQ essay writing, one has to be analytical, ability to subject your write up to detailed critical and reasonable process, others are; ability to conduct research, compare and contrast, cause and effect, literary appreciation skill, etc. Been too detailed might not be necessary since the whole idea is to be able to give a précis representation of facts. ProfEssays guarantees original custom essay delivery, 24/7 customer service, with fully certified and professional academic writers.


In other to score well in this essay (scoring is 0 to 5 by rubric essay) one have to take cognizant of the following:
1 Identify the historical era the question is based on, and begin with a topic sentence
2 Classify historical period to section and subsection giving past account

Next is to give Thesis Statements telling what you are going to establish, or what you want to prove.

Next is the BODY:
Please make sure that each new format starts with a new paragraph. In this section, you will give important information culled from the document, please avoid citation, or quotation; you can use references, examples and similar events from the past.


Reinstate your thesis statements, don’t add new information here please, and avoid the use of personal tenses such as: I, ME, YOU, US, WE, etc. Note however that conclusion may not be necessary, but if executed well attracts more marks. ProfEssays integrate into your essays little essay procedures that is advantageous in helping you score high marks, e.g. are; use of punctuation marks in compositions, plagiarism check, scoring evaluation etc which most writing companies have forgotten.

DBQ essay is very interesting to write, the process of going down history lane to establish fact can every exiting though tasking. Check out our sample essay papers, you can download them for free. For UK customers UK custom essay writing service is available.

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