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DNA Research Paper

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Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is base of life this double strand long polymer chain is made of nucleotides tide together with strong bond. DNA is hereditary material which is base design of all organisms therefore it is called thread of life without which life is impossible. In living organisms DNA is paired together with strong bond that keeps it held together the two strands are like vines and are like helix. The nucleotide units repeated themselves, though each unit is very small but the chain formed by repetition is very long. DNA is made of simple unit of nucleotides whose backbone is made of sugar and phosphate group joined by ester group. One base out of four types is attached to sugar thus this sequence of base with backbone forms the site of encoded information.

The two twirled chains of DNA are joined together by hydrogen bonds between opposite bases  adenine and thymine or cytosine and guanine.  It carries the genetic material in organisms. The arrangement of these bases is different in each organisms therefore it results in different structures, even the same species organisms have different characteristics as they inherit particular DNA. Every individual has different DNA than other thus this property has enabled   its use in forensic study.

In humans there are 23 pair of DNA we acquire 23 chromosomes from mother and 23 from father, that is, we acquire one part of each pair from one parent thus the resulting number remain the same. DNA is bank of information it contains all the information in coded form from our body design to our various characteristics. It contains coded plan for proteins which are building blocks of amino acids.  The DNA contains millions of genes that are site of information coding. Each individual has unique DNA which can be tested by blood test or any other cell.

Within cell DNA is present in form of chromosomes that are long thread like structures which are replicated before cell division takes place. Most of the DNA in eukaryotes in stored in nucleus of the cell but some cell organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own DNA. Whereas prokaryotes store their DNA in cytoplasm as they don’t have a well defined nucleus. When cell division takes place the two strands of DNA are separated and then each strand’s complementary DNA is created by DNA polymerase. This enzyme forms the other pair by finding the correct base and then bonding it to the base strand.

As DNA is unique in every individual except identical twins, in which it is identical, it is used to find suspects by testing the evidences (blood, semen, or hair strand)   found at the site of crime. There is ongoing thought to create a DNA bank so that it gets easy to get hold of criminals. It has become an important tool in crime investigations and identification of criminal. DNA is sure test as compare to other test like blood test for example there can be million of people with same blood group but every individual has specific DNA thus DNA test can’t go wrong.

Study of DNA structure is still going on to detect the hereditary disease and to find their cure. Even though the science has developed so much yet there are many mysteries related to DNA that are still unsolved.

Some chemical effect and physical change can bring change in DNA molecule, when alterations lead to permanent change mutations occur sometimes DNA mutations are so different that the cell can not survive, mutations are necessary but only those that help the cell to survive in adverse situations. DNA mutations are hereditary those a change in DNA will pass from one generation to next generation.

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