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Discrimination And Its Different Forms

Follow the quick guide on how to write an essay on discrimination and its different forms!

The main purpose of this article is to discuss what basically discrimination is if you go by dictionary meaning then the term discrimination means treatment towards a person or group based on class of category. Discrimination is very common in a heterogeneous society. In modern or globalised world there is no place which is totally homogeneous. The fast means of transport have made the world a smaller place and thus migration of people from one place to other is common. Some group of people is in fewer than other therefore they are subjected to discrimination. The feeling of discrimination arises from prejudices set in mind of one group against the other.

Even those sections of society that have people of same origin, cast, color and creed have discrimination based on age or gender. There are various forms of discrimination that are found in our society. Discrimination is such a common topic that students have been asked over the years to write discrimination essays, discrimination thesis, and discrimination research paper or discrimination term papers. Your teacher can give a specific about one kind of discrimination like racial discrimination or you can get general question to write on discrimination. When you are given specific question to discuss one form of discrimination then you can begin by what it means, where it stared, what are its effect on society and is it still practiced or it had ended with the modernization of world.

When you are given general question then begin your paper by stating what is basically discrimination and how it effects the society, then discuss in brief about various forms of discussion in the end you can add discussion on the forms of discrimination that have ended and how. Also you can include the new forms of discrimination that have surfaced with changing society, for example the discrimination of homosexual in the society. Then you can also include why it is essential to eliminate various forms of discrimination and why.

There are various forms of discrimination that can be felt in our society. Some of them are listed for you by the expert writers of ProfEssays.com:

Racial discrimination: racial discrimination basically started with colonization it differentiates people with real or perceived difference. Even till now blacks have not got their proper right. The colonial countries regarded the colonized people as beast and savage just because of their color therefore they were subjected to harsh and brutal treatment. They were treated as beast and faced inhuman torture. They were not given their due right of education or employment but the civil rights act game as remedy for these people and they got opportunity to work in private and state owned organization. When you write your paper on racial discrimination you have to discuss in detail how it started, who were subjected to this and what measures are being taken to end this discrimination based on color and race.

Sex and gender discrimination: it is the oldest form of discrimination based on gender which is biological. There are different set of norms for male and female. The fair sex was considered weak in bodily as well as moral strength, the root of this can be seen in bible itself. This sex discrimination can be seen in different fields for example an employer may not take you in spite of all the required qualification just because you are female and he has a prejudice that females can not tackle difficult problem independently. Similarly in an educational institute or hostel you may not be taken because of your sex. It is very common in every society that women do not enjoy all privileges as men do. Women have always fought for their rights and are still doing in some under developing countries,

Also people with different sexual orientation, i.e., gays and lesbians find it difficult to live with their free will in the society they are fighting for their rights. They are treated as abnormal not fit for civilized society. Also transgender that is male to female and female to male face difficulties in finding job or getting education, their right to freedom is curbed by the prejudice of our society.

Age discrimination: It is most common discrimination that we notice in our day to day life. It is based on difference of age. It can be for any age group but the groups affected by this kind of discrimination are people of age group of above 40 or elderly people. It is commonly noticed that it is difficult for a 40+ to get a new job once he has left his/her job or been stacked out. Similarly the elderly are treated as unwanted in society, they left out in old age homes.

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