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Critical Essay Writing Help

Defining Point
A critical essay is an objective analysis of usually an art form, like music, drama, paintings, books, and biographies but can also cover restaurants, luxury brands, celebrities, and etc. It demands to be unbiased, with clear objective, and analytical reasoning that should balance both positive and negative aspects. In many ways, its like a review, except this one is virtually always academic and follows a particular style of writing, preferably the MLA style. We can even say that such essay has something common with analytical essay.

Construction site
The critical essay must contain an impressive introduction, a coherent and rational body, and a meaningful conclusion. How the essay is constructed per-determines the success of it.
Introduction: A gripping introduction that would arrest the minds of readers and tempt them to continue reading is a pre-requisite to writing an unputdownable essay. Catering to the fact that most of the readers of these custom essays are professors or editors, a writer must essentially recognize the truth that a boring introduction will make them want to barf, since they’ll have to read countless works on the same essay topic, most of which will be unimpressive. And something that’ll make them want to barf will instantly earn a substandard grade. An introduction should never just serve the purpose of a brief enlightenment to the reader, or for mere signposting. Professionals will in fact tell you that the essay topic and introduction are the most important, even in a critical essay. So make those openings grand, and don’t forget to clearly state the subject of analysis.
Body: A body of course is the repository; the part of the critical essays that contains all facts and figures, arguments, and judgments. So:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Clearly define your position or your standpoint and elaborate them with supporting examples from the subject of the custom essay, viewpoints of experts, and reviews. It should be reasonable, well justified, and objective.
  3. Wander away from personal and hateful criticism. Criticism must be professional.
  4. Pick both the good and bad side for discussion. Remember that no coin can come with a single face.
  5. Narrow down the point of analysis in the critical essays. For instance, if the essay must discuss the book “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri, then you should narrow down your criticism to maybe the portrayal of Gogol’s character or the literary style of the book.
  6. Avoid clichés or overuse of words. Use synonyms and crafty phrases.
  7. Be coherent. Don’t wonder from point to point. Concisely explain one argument and then move on to the next with appropriate transition. Break the body into meaningful paragraphs.

Conclusion: Conclude your critical essay succinctly without introducing or hinting at a new unexplained personal judgment or argument. Mention lucidly once more the subject of your analysis. Desire to leave the reader thinking for hours. In other words, make your farewells pennies for thoughts.

Help Corner
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