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Controversial Research Paper Topics

Controversial Topics for Research Papers

Controversial topics are by nature interesting, intriguing, exacting, and highly volatile, it involves gunpowder – ready – to – explode subjects. Undertaking writing of this type requires a matured, experienced and diplomatic individual to render its intricacies in a placatory manner, devoid of condemnatory and inappropriate expressions that could lead to clashes and conflicts, and loss of objectives; audience/readers interest.

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This perhaps is one among other reasons why students (mostly those in journalism and writing classes) are often required to write this type of essay and research paper; to test their ability to declare and project opinion tactfully without inducing un-necessary negative reaction. Controversial research paper topics is not different from controversial essay topics, except in the composition and delivery, while the former requires more extensive exposition in the area of information investigation, the later though requires research but not as deeply extensive as controversial research paper topics. Tips will be offered on how to approach and write controversial research paper topics.

From the above explanation it is clear that writing skill is not the only requirement for controversial research paper writing but intellect, and sense of equilibrium, wonderful combination found in ProfEssays.com, veterans in the writing industry.

How to generate and write controversial research topics

  1. Current or old newspapers, books, news portals, info base, internet, etc are good and convenient sources for generating ideas for a controversial research topics
  2. Amongst the list of topic you must have generated from the above source, sieve out pertinent ones by searching out the background and information base, if it is relevant and sufficient then take it that will be your topic
  3. Thirdly, base your choice on topics you are passionate and have significant knowledge about.
  4. Some writing assignment comes with ready-made topic in this case it is advisable to understand the topic by identifying possible difficulties that could arise in the process of writing.
  5. Live interview is another great unbeatable source of primary information, for instance if the research topic have to do with issues concerning abortion, or abuse of women rights, direct interviews of women concerned will go a long way to give you the necessary edge and desired marks.

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  • Check the research paper rubrics for this assignment before writing the assignment
  • Understand and apply the use of essay types like; controversial, argumentative, definition, compare and contrast, evaluation, cause and effect essay before. In other words don’t describe when you are required to evaluate or analyze
  • Avoid trying giving hurtful statements, be firm, and maintain focus on targets
  • For referencing and citation use MLA, APA, and Harvard format to avoid plagiarism, and failure.
  • Plan and structure the custom research paper as done by experts like ProfEssays.com using research paper outlines.

Controversial research topics:

  • Did the attack of world trade center validate the assault against Iraq?
  • In your views and opinion do you think the gun control policy is a good measure against erratic killing?

Controversial writing should not be restricted to students alone but extended others because it encourages dialogue which is the best weapon against misunderstandings and conflicts.

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