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Types of Comparative Essay Format

Custom Written, Well Formatted Comparative Essays

The purpose of a comparative essay is to basically draw a comparison between two different thoughts, items or ideas. Writing a comparison and contrast requires more work than any other writing any of the other types of essays.

A comparative essay requires a lot of hard work as two subject matters have to be thoroughly researched to be compared with each other in the essay. Additionally it is important that a writer should have sound knowledge on the subject before starting to write the essay.

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A comparative essay format is of three types. ProfEssays.com writers have elaborated on these three formats to help you format your essay in the appropriate manner.
1. Sequential sentence format
In this format has three parts to it:
This gives a brief as to what is going to be discussed during the course of the essay

The Body
In the body of this format the comparison is made in sequential sentences. For instance if there is a comparison to be made between subject A and subject B , at first there will be a sentence written about subject A and it will be followed by a sentence about subject B. This sequential format has to be followed for the entire body of the essay; the body of the essay can be divided into three paragraphs.

The conclusion should sum up the entire essay and the view point of the writer.

2. Paragraph comparison format

In this comparative essay format the introduction and conclusion remain the same as in the Sequential sentence format, but in the body of the essay the comparison between the two subjects are made paragraph vise.
E.g. if the first paragraph of the essay is on subject A, the second of the essay should be on subject B.
This pattern has to be followed until the concluding paragraph
3. The 6 paragraph format
In this format the introduction and conclusion remain the same as discussed in the above formats, but the body of the essay consist of 6 paragraphs, 3 about subject A and the other 3 on subject B.
These are the three different comparative essay format types; however besides these formats our expert writers have also listed some pointers to help you write an effective comparative essay:

  1. Selecting an apt topic , depending on the reader base
  2. Through research on the topic and collecting all important facts and data on the two matters to be compared.
  3. Deciding on an impacting thesis statement
  4. Writing the essay outline, the essay outline format should be as per the format of the essay so that it becomes easy for the writer to script the main essay.

Proofreading the essay and checking for plagiarism.
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