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Chicago Style Thesis Paper: How to Write one

Help with Writing Your Chicago Style Thesis Papers

To obtain your degree you are required to write a good thesis. There are many formats for thesis writing like APA thesis, MLA thesis, Chicago thesis and you can write your thesis in any of the format you are comfortable with but sometimes your instructor ask you to write thesis in a given format thus you need to learn all the guidelines of the format in which you are asked to write your thesis. For learning the format you can look at sample thesis at ProfEssays.com this will give you an idea about the format and will help you in knowing the basic things about the custom thesis writing. Sample thesis is a good reference point for those who are writing thesis for the first time.

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Origin of Chicago style
Chicago style is also referred as Turabian style and is mainly used for American English. Chicago style was published in year 1906 as The Chicago manual of style and till now there are 15 editions, it deals with editorial practice, American English grammar, and usage and document representation. It is one of its kinds with editorial guide and various rules regarding methodology and most specifically the rules about citation. The 15th edition of Chicago style also includes the citation rules for the online references and for electronic medium. Read more on the following: argumentative essay, essay template and essay format.

Thus when you are asked to write a Chicago style thesis you need to know all the guidelines of this format. Chicago style is not very difficult to understand but it is very difficult to read entire manual of the style. You can easily write Chicago thesis by looking at sample research paper or by learning the format which is easier than some other styles.

It is essential that you follow all the rules of the formatting structure otherwise your paper will suffer and will not appear presentable. Good structure is essential to make your ideas clear and expressive otherwise your ideas will fail to impress the reader if the structure of the format is not clear or complete. Most students will agree that it is easy to find the topic and researching about it but the task of compiling the thesis according to a particular format is the most difficult task for this you can take help of professional thesis writing services like ProfEssays.com that have expert writers writing or editing theses in different formats for years. They can definitely format your custom research paper according to the given format. Or you can ask our writers to edit your thesis. Their expert advice will make your thesis better with no errors. Thus you will get your degree with good grades. For developing different parts of your thesis you can further read thesis statement, thesis topic, and thesis help.

Citation Rules
Chicago style has two different citation rules one is Author Date System and the other is Humanities Style. Choosing between the two depends on the stream in which you are writing. The humanities style is used by those who are in literature and social sciences. The Author Date System is used by those who are in science. In humanities style which is also called notes and bibliography style uses footnotes and bibliography for citation. Whereas in Author Date System the sources are cited parenthetical author date references in the text and reference list.

Citation should occur at two places in text as in-text citation and in the reference. Even if you are not cite the words of the author directly but are using his ideas in your thesis you need to cite its source. The first in text citation should include all the details with full name of author/s, title of the work, place of publication, name of the publisher and the page number/s of the cited source for the subsequent citations just write the name of the author with shortened title.

Formatting rules

  • In Chicago thesis your paper should be double spaced whereas for footnotes it is single spaced. You should leave a line after every entry.
  • Every page is numbered including blank page, introductory page, and bibliography.
  • Number is centered or is at the right corner on the top of the page.
  • Foot notes and end notes are used in Chicago thesis to site references, quotes and paraphrases.
  • To cite the source in the text superscript is used and in the notes the number corresponds to that number. It includes the name of author, name of book, and year of publication.

This article is written by expert writers for those who do not have any idea about Chicago thesis or who know a little about this style. Our writers have presented the main points of this style to give you the basic idea about the Chicago thesis. Our writers can help you with any of the format used for writing any academic work. Also our writers can help you in selecting a good thesis topic, writing impressive thesis statement, providing the necessary information and most important writing an original thesis. Expert advice of editorial staff of ProfEssays.com has saved various theses from falling under poor category. So look for Professional help of ProfEssays.com to write a strong thesis.

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