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A student in his literary career is sure to face character analysis essay. It is one of the most prominent essay topics you would be asked to write. Your instructor can either broadly ask you to write character analysis of the given character, in which you will discuss all the traits of the character and will state how his traits put an impact on the story or the novel and how various aspects of his personality help in the growth of the character or you could be given a specific question regarding the character.

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For example, you can be asked to explain how Antony is persuasive orator in Julius Caesar or is he a confident supporter of Julius Caesar. When you are asked to write character analysis essay you should first of all see the profile of the character and how his action put an effect on the story. You should then note down all the important events that happened with the character and how he reacted to all this. Put all the negative and positive aspects of the character.

Character Analysis Essay Papers

One thing that you should keep in mind while writing character analysis is that you are not asked to write summary or review the book. Instead you are to look in the working of the character. For this you can keep yourself in place of character and then imagine what is going on in the mind of the character. You should be authentic in your approach. Look for different traits of the character like his manner of speaking, repetition of some words, his moral values, situation in which he works, arrogant, superstitious, clever, ambitious, clever, witty, kind, and generous and so on.

When you study these traits form imagery in front you. Do not place the story at the center and start rotating the character around it rather place the character in the center and then show how he leaves impact on the story.

If you have not read the assigned novel or the story or you read it once and have not gone deep into the working of the character you will not be able to write a detailed character analysis. If you leave some of the traits your essay would fall flat. Also when you are given specific question you are required to give substantiate reasons to support your answer. All this is time consuming and you would have to research properly to write an impressive essay.

Help with Writing Character Analysis Essay Papers

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