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There Are No Restrictions in Writing a Censorship Research Paper

How to Write Censorship Research Papers

Mass media is a very powerful tool of communication. Its influence is unparalleled, as it crosses all borders. Without regard to one’s gender, race or age – media has proven its effectiveness in delivering any type of message. Radio, newspaper and television have become the common and preferred medium of individuals, groups, or organization in relaying any information that they want to share to a large group.

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This function of media, remains relevant and beneficial for the society. However, just as all things are vulnerable for abuse – it is undeniable that mass media can suffer the same fate. Not all media practitioners are keen on observing the proper way of delivering information nor are some individuals willing to apply discrimination in information dessimination. The tendency for this type of communication medium to be abused is the reason why censorship becomes a necessity. Censorship or the system of restraining or controlling the information distribution is a practice that is commonly utilized by those in the mass media industry.

However, it is not limited for such purpose. In fact, many of us practice censorship even unknowingly. Suppressing information to children during conversation and in schools, is just a basic example. In an organizational communication set-up, censorship is practiced by multi national companies when they choose not to disclose to their employees all pertinent information that is related to their operations. Writing a censorship research paper, with its scope in mind, provides ProfEssays.com not anly custom research paper writing service but a wide scope of topics for this research paper subject as well.

Apart from the fact that almost all types of communication practice censorship, ProfEssays.com also says that many countries – if not, all – practice it. The varied beliefs, customs, religion and government are the usual deciding factors in mapping the implementing rules and regulations in a society’s censorship. The question of morality is the fundamental guideline in observing censorship. However, morality is relative. Dependent on the society, the meaning of ethics and morals changes.

What seems improper by one government is considered appropriate by another. In most cases, western countries are more liberal than their eastern counterparts. To illustrate this, below is a snap shot of the few instances that the concept of censorship, indeed, is not absolute.

  • Singapore prohibits Janet Jackson’s album All For You because of its sexual theme
  • South Korea renders all sites which appear to be pro-North Korea inaccessible
  • In China, printing of Christian Bibles is limited by their government.
  • Malaysian government, banned the publication of an Indonesian translation of a Charles Darwin’ book, On The Origin Of Species
  • Thailand blocks web pages that contain local political issues. These are from international news sites such as CNN, BBC and Yahoo news.

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