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How to Write a Book Review Essay

Professional Help with Writing Book Review Essays

Writing essays is not an easy task. It involves several qualities like writing skills, presenting skills to present your opinions, having through knowledge on the subject of the essay etc. Presenting skills are extremely important especially when you are writing critical analysis essays as the author should state his opinions in more convincing manner as he might oppose the opinions of the original author. This essay helps the readers in writing a book review essay while also explaining its aspects.

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Book review is a critical analysis on the content of the book. In other words we are doing the critical analysis on the opinions of the author of the book. We might support his points or oppose. What ever be our opinion we must present them politely, decently yet meaningfully so that they carry our true intentions.

Here are some tips that help you in writing such book review essays.

  • Always ask your self some questions regarding the book on which you are going to write a review before starting to write an essay. Answers to these questions help you getting more ideas to present.
  • Think about the main theme of the book. And then think whether the author succeeded in presenting his thoughts to fulfill the theme. Make a note where ever you feel that he went out of subject.
  • Such essays can not be confused with argumentative essays. In these essays you have to politely oppose the context but you are not supposed to argue against them.

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  • Now observe the way the book was structured or organized. Do you think it was meaningfully constructed or not. Present your opinions in the essay.
  • Think in a different approach about the subject of the book. But do not think keeping in mind that you should criticize the author. There are possibilities that the subject can be handled in a different way and you think that is proper rather than the one which the author followed. You must present your views along with strong supporting points. This gives the readers a different perspective on the book.
  • You can also consider the usage of the language, grammar and literature used in the book and can write the review on these topics.
  • Always remember to consider some things like the author’s Nationality, history, interests etc. These are the crucial points to be considered especially when you are strongly objecting the views as they can be different from his prospective.

Such essays help students improve their presenting skills and thinking capabilities. So these are the most famous middle school essays.

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