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All About Writing a Book Review Essay

Professional Help with Writing Your Book Review Essays

Writing a book review essay is requires a sound understanding of the contents, theme and background of the book. This type of an essay is somewhat like a literature review essay.

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These types of essays determine the analytical skills of students and play a very important part on the grading procedure, these sort of essay are assigned in all academic spheres and mare very common high school and middle school essay topics.

ProfEssays.com writers for your convenience have drafted certain essentials writers need to know about scripting this type of an essay.

Steps before scripting the essay:

  1. Understanding the theme and the thesis of the book
  2. Carefully analyzing the plot of the book
  3. Evaluating the characters involved
  4. Understanding the authors arguments and views

Steps involved in writing a book essay

  1. Clearly mentioning the title of the book and name of the author.
  2. Stating the authors rationale behind writing the book
  3. Narrating the story and plot in brief.
  4. For the proper structuring of this type of an essay it is essential for writers to know how to write an essay outline. As it helps in the formulation of the final essay.
  5. The structure of the essay should follow the 5 paragraph essay format which includes
  • An essay introduction
  • Main body inclusive of 3 paragraphs
  • The essay conclusion.

6. Critical evaluation is healthy but writers must make it a point not to directly attack or criticize the author of the book or his plot.
7. Giving suggestions or ideas for making the book better is advisable.
8. If the writer has taken help and reference for writing and supporting claims made in the book essay then he should make it a point to cite the claims in a bibliography page.
9. Be creative and original and avoid imitating another writer’s work from being charged with plagiarism.
10. Proofread the essay and make sure it is free from all sorts of writing errors.
11. Writes could make an essay title page for this type of an essay.

These are some basic points which ProfEssays.com custom essay paper writers feel that students must keep in mind while attempting to write this type of an essay.

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