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Steps to Write an Assessment Essay

Professional Help with Writing Assessment Essays

An assessment essay is basically an analysis of another writers work. This type of an essay requires extensive study and analysis of another piece of writing and is mainly assigned to students to gauge their understanding and critical evaluation abilities.

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To guide students write this intricate paper ProfEssays.com custom essay writers have outlined certain essential parameters which include:

  1. Thoroughly reading and understanding the piece of writing which requires to be assessed.
  2. Developing essay questions to understanding the purpose of the essay.
  3. Identifying the ideology and the argument of the essay
  4. Analysis of the quality and effectiveness of the research data used in the essay.
  5. Evaluating the essay writing format and the presentation of the essay.
  6. Making note of any grammatical or writing errors in the writing.
  7. Assessing the clarity of expression and the creativity of the essay.
  8. Recognizing the efficacy of the thesis statement in the essay introduction.
  9. Taking not if the essay had been cited.
  10. Identifying if the thoughts in the essay are original or imitated.

These are some basic rules to keep in mind while writing an assessing another writes piece of work for the assessment essay. However, while scripting this essay one needs to keep in mind certain things as well which are:
To make an outline of the essay and draft the structure of the essay.

  1. To give a summary of the authors ideas and views.
  2. Keep in mind not to criticize the point of view of the author but explicate your own findings on the topic.
  3. Try and give the readers of the essay different opinions on the topic with facts.
  4. Make sure that the essay introduction bears your own thesis statement along with a brief of the work which would be discussed during the course of the essay.
  5. Follow the MLA style of writing, if not given a prior guideline.
  6. The conclusion of this type of an essay should contain a summary of the analysis done in the essay and the finding of the writer. Writers can also restate the thesis statement in the concluding paragraph.
  7. Cite the research resources in a bibliography page.
  8. Proofread the essay for any errors.

These are the basic fundamentals to keep in mind while writing these types of essays. Through research and evaluation is the key to writing a good assessment essay.
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