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How to Interpret and Write an Art Essay

Professional Help with Writing Art Essays

Art have different meaning to different people, it can be used to denote a skill like the art of cooking, selling, etc it also defines a profession that involves designs like paintings, crafts, drawings, and sculpture for aesthetic, and maybe financial purpose. Therefore in writing art essay students must bear in mind to be descriptive, analytical, informative, evaluative, and argumentative. In this articles attempt shall be made to let you in on the things to do before writing and how to present your writing in a required format as done by ProfEssays.com expert in writing custom research papers and projects.

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Sculpture, drawing, painting, and craft have their own language and method of interpretation some people need acquired skill to appreciate art, while others have natural gift of critically evaluating and interpreting the concept and language behind the work.

Principles to observer before writing art essay:

  1. Citations like quotations should be short and direct when making references to artists
  2. Avoid the use of first pronoun like I, me, and my, if you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism.
  3. Use very descriptive language in writing this essay avoid vague ones like “modern work of art is interest” artistic works are physical therefore it requires you to satisfy the 5 human senses which are; sight, smell, touch, taste and hear.

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4. Avoid wasting time on colloquial writing concentrate on producing quality write up.
5. In the process of making reference that needs introducing the artist write the full name followed by birth or death dates in italics or bold.
6. Number 1 to 100 should be written in words, while 101 and above in figures.
7. Footnote all citations of unpopular or unknown work of art, but if it is important write very close to the citation.

How to write art essay:

• Find out the goal of the artwork, what did the artist set to achieve?
• Find out the historical background of the piece what impact did it have in the artwork. For instance the oil on poplar painting “Mona Lisa” painted by Leonardo da Vinci began to enjoy popularity in the mid 19th century when artist of the symbolist movement began to analyze in accordance with their thoughts on feminine mystical theology example is Walter peters described it as a “kind of mythic embodiment of eternal femininity”
• Gather different reviews about the art, to compare with yours
• Present facts by first planning and structuring essays
• Move on to drafting essay outlines, using rubrics grading tools as directions.

You don’t have to be a great art critic to interpret a piece of artwork, having a sense of aesthetic appreciation like ProfEssays.com, and gathering relevant information about the artist and his/her will help greatly. Read more on the following topics: sample research papers, buy research paper and MLA style research paper writing services.

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