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Art Coursework Assignment Writing Guide

Help with Writing Your Art Coursework

The basic requirement of an art coursework is the ability to understand illustration of an artist and to be able to interpret and illustrate it and give one’s own opinion on the same.

This is one of the most creative and interesting coursework assignments which can be approached to be written in various ways.

The most essential elements of an art coursework are originality, innovativeness and the ability to lucidly portray the sentiments and thoughts of the artist.

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To help student deal with such coursework assignments a panel of art writers for ProfEssays.com have enlisted below some vital components that students should keep in mind while working on an art coursework assignment, these include:

  • Identifying a topic and theme for the coursework

The first step in writing an art coursework is identifying a piece of work of an artist to work on. While short listing a topic one also needs to make out the theme on which the work needs to be based, i.e. Renaissance art, medieval art or contemporary art. Based on the theme one requires to select a piece of art to evaluate in the assignment.

  • Giving a background of the artist

Giving a brief description and overview of the works of the artist, his inspiration and motive behind his works is imperative. This is essential so as to provide the reader with a background of the artist and the significance of the work that is going to be discussed in the paper. Not only does this display the depth of the research undertaken by the writer but it also makes the paper interesting and builds the attention of the readers.

  • Brief history of the work of the artist

Most famous pieces of art have a history attached to it, some of which are widely known and some not so. Illustrating the history and the intention behind the artist of coming up with a particular work adds to rising the appeal of a paper and also to a large extent adds to the innovation and creativity that can be portrayed in the paper.

  • Illustrating the ideology of the artist

ProfEssays.com writers feel that it is of extreme vitality that the writers illustrate the ideology of the artist behind the work being discussed in the assignment. This expresses the understanding of the writer towards the subject and displays his capability and clarity to interpret and analyze art work. Writers should research well on the subject before writing this section as; it is one of the primary components of an art coursework.

  • Comparison of works

One of the most challenging and tricky aspects of an art and an English coursework is comparing different works of artists or comparing the pieces of work of different artist in of the same era. Comparing and contrasting the works proffers interesting and varied angles of the subject to the readers and establishes the proficiency of a writer in the field of study.

  • Critical evaluation of the work of the artist

Works of famous artist have often been evaluated and acclaimed by many known individuals in the pertaining field. Therefore it is insightful for a writer to exercise their evaluation powers and critically analyze the work of an artist. However, while doing so one must keep in mind not to pose any direct criticism against the works of an artist.

  • Personal opinion of the piece of work being studied

In an art coursework the most important element that one requires focusing on is the expression of one’s personal point of view on the art work. This shows the creativity originality of thought of a writer. The personal views of a writer expressed in a paper to a great extent are responsible for influencing the thoughts of the readers; therefore one should take time to brainstorm, appropriately plan and conceptualize this section of the paper.

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