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Architecture Term Paper Writing Help

Creating a Well Structured and Workable Plan for Your Architecture Term Paper

The term architecture is derived from the Greek words arkhi and tekton. The former means chief while the latter word means carpenter of builder. Based from its etymology, the word architecture is related to the erection and design of structures. This term can be used both ways. First, it is used to define the process of creating a design or the process of building a specific structure. Second, this term is also used for the result of the process. Since architecture brings aesthetics and functionality together, it is considered as an academic course that requires thorough planning. Many of the works produced under this field of study is considered as a cultural symbol.

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Many great civilizations, leaders or era are identified with notable architectural works. The adage, Necessity is the mother of all inventions, could not be truer with architecture. Architecture began when human had a need for shelter. They were able to identify the possible means by which the need for shelter can be addressed, with the availability of the materials for building and by acquiring the necessary skills for construction.

Today, architecture has come a long way. Many developments – technological or otherwise – contributed to the changes on the practice of this academic field. When the new millennium was ushered in, specialization in the field of architecture had become very common. In fact, the identification or separation of a design architect and a project architect has become more prominent.

As computer has become an inescapable tool in many professions – architects are now forced to become more adept with the common software, such as CAD or computer aided design. Another interesting development that has become a part of the profession is the concern towards the environment. Called by many as environmental sustainability, many buildings are now erected with the needs of the environment in mind.

Some of these buildings incorporate solar panels and wind turbines to generate power, independent of external sources. Despite of these new developments in modern architecture, continuous education and research remains important. Read more on the following: essay outline template, how to write a critique essay and easy essay topics.

With this said, it is without a doubt that many students taking a course under the architectural discipline has the passion to find and discover innovation with their architecture term paper. ProfEssays.com says that to write a substantial term paper on architecture, it will be helpful to learn about the different research methods in writing a custom term paper on this course.

According to American architects Linda Groat and David Wang, there are sever research strategies that can be employed when writing a term paper on architecture. In the book Architectural Research methods, which Groat and Wang co-authored, they have outlined these strategies. ProfEssays.com provides you a list of these methods.

  • Interpretive historical research allows the researcher to interpret the architectural structure in line with the social incidences on the time it was erected.
  • Qualitative research requires the writer to focus on his subject’s functionality in relation to its setting and the social interpretation.
  • Correlational research is the method that looks into the relationship and patterns of the two or more subjects.
  • Experimental and quasi experimental research uses independent and dependent variables, and control group.
  • Simulation and modeling research allows the researcher to create a replica of his structural plans to invoke the human’s fascination towards representations of real life structures.
  • Logical argumentation allows the student to understand his subject by using reasoning to defend or state his points.
  • Case studies allow the writer or researcher to conduct investigation on a specific case or subject, and by trying to pinpoint which elements can be considered as a general truth.

These varied ways and methods in researching for your architecture term paper are helpful tools for your writing activity. If you want to get acquainted with each and every single one of this, then better consult the professionals of ProfEssays.com.

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