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Archeology Term Paper Writing Assistance

Writing an Effective and Credible Archeology Term Paper

Archeology is a discipline dedicated to explore the facts and occurrences in past human communities. The main purpose of archeology is to provide a credible account of our pre-history. The pre-historic age is the era when people had not yet developed the technology to record history. As such, if we want to answer questions on evolution and how we have come to where we are right now – then, archeology definitely becomes a necessity. Another benefit that one can get from this discipline is the fact that we can determine whether an early documented historical account is valid or otherwise.

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Modern archeology began when scientists in the 19th century learned that Earth was already in existence for billions of years. After this, English naturalist Charles Darwin came out with his theory of evolution in his published book, On the Origin of Species. It was also at this time that Danish archeologist Christian Jurgensen Thomsen published his book A Guide to Northern Antiquities, where he prehistoric age can be divided into three eras: namely, Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Read more: methodology examples, essay templates and argumentative essay writing help.

These three key concepts the Earth’s Antiquity, evolution concept by Darwin and the three-age view of Thomsen which paved the way towards the birth of the discipline called modern archeology. As the specialists who devote their time in this academic field, many archeologists find themselves in constant pursuit of knowledge.

Whether they are in search of new artifacts to explore a specific era, or whether they are conducting extensive research to prove or disprove a historical claim – many archeologists find themselves in constant pressure to write a credible archeology term paper. ProfEssays.com suggests that this only becomes possible if you have ample knowledge on the subject that you have chosen – which is possible with adequate research.

This course is said to be an inter-disciplinary subject. It is considered as such because it draws methods and facts from other disciplines such as science, history and at times, humanities. However, this fusion is only partial because unlike major subjects under these disciplines, archeology is very unique because research in this department is not limited to the library, internet or even the laboratory.

As a branch of anthropology, archeology students will most likely be required to conduct research on the field where they are expected to conduct survey, excavation and ultimately, analysis of the data that they have recovered. Students who are required to come up with an archeology term paper, ProfEssays.com suggests, must be able to understand the methods of academic research on this course.

The tried and tested methods in archeological research are: (1) survey, (2) excavation, (3) analysis and (4) virtual archeology. A brief description of these research steps are outlined for you below.

  • Archeological survey is the beginning of a research in archeology. In this process, archeologists identify previously unidentified areas of interest. Archeologists prefer conducting survey because it doesn’t require much cost and time, as with other methods such as excavation.

There are types of survey technique:

  1. Surface survey – surveying an area when on foot
  2. Aerial survey – conducting survey with use of aerial device attached with cameras
  3. Geophysical survey – use of magnetometers to detect artifacts that is underground
  • Archeological excavation is the commonly used method, even in the earlier years of archeology. Excavation attempts to interfere with the site or the artifact under study – making it one of the more destructive methods in archeological research. Because of this and the expense it incurs, very few sites are submitted to excavation. This is despite the fact that it can provide us with useful information that is not usually available with surveying.
  • Archeological analysis is also called archeological post excavation because it is the natural succeeding step after a scientist has collected an artifact. This process consumes most of the time when archeological investigation is concerned. Most often than not, findings on an artifact or site will be taken years before it is published.
  • Virtual archeology is the newest method in archeology which was developed in 1995. With the use of computer, three dimensional model of a site is re-created by combining photographs of a site.

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