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How to Write an APA Style Paper

More About Writing Essay Papers in APA Style

American Psychological Association or an APA style paper is very commonly used format by Universities. Writing a paper in this style can be a complex matter for students who are not familiar with the requirements of the same.

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ProfEssays.com custom essay writers have mentioned below the fundamentals and rules of writing an APA style paper:

  1. For this type of a format writes require using the normal page setup of 8.5 inches by 11 inches paper, along with 1 inch margins on all sides of the paper.
  2. The essay title page should be designed in the following manner:
    • Line I – should contain the title of the paper / essay
    • Line II – has to have the name of the writer
    • Line III – should include the name of the institution or organization

    Writers ought to keep in mind to align all the contents of the essay title page to the center
    of the page.

  3. The top right corner of every page requires having a running header with a short version of the title and the page number.
  4. The abstract of this essay writing format should be not exceed 100 words and title “abstract” should be aligned to the center of the page.
  5. If there is any quote that is used in the body of the essay, the writer should refer the author’s last name, year and page number at the end of the quote.
  6. If the writer is referring to another authors view in a particular paragraph or throwing light on it , then he require to cite the name of the author and the year at the end of the paragraph.
  7. In the APA style paper the writer also require a reference page at the end of the essay and the details every source referred to in the paper has to be mentioned in this page.

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