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General Guidelines For An APA Format Term Paper

Help with Writing APA Format Term Papers

Format and structure of a paper is plays a vital role in the entire grading procedure of the assignment.

The format of a paper depicts the understanding of a writer to approach specialized assignments and also displays his technique and writing abilities.

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The most widely used format to structure papers is the APA style of formatting, to format a paper in this style term paper writers ought to keep in mind the following specifications:

  • The term paper cover page

The cover page of an APA format research paper should hold the name of the author, academic institution and the title of the assignment. A running header with the title of the paper should also be included in the cover page.

  • Abstract of an APA term paper

The abstract of the paper should be aligned to the center, the contents of the abstract should be contained in a single paragraph and should not exceed any more than 150 – 250 words. The abstract should also contain the running header, the objective of the paper and the conclusion.

  • Types of APA papers

There are mainly two types of APA papers:

  • Literature Review
  • Experimental Report

A Literature review term paper of this format should contain

  • Term paper cover page
  • Introduction of the page
  • Citation / bibliography page
  • An Experimental report of this format should comprise of the following:
  • Term paper cover page
  • Abstract of the paper
  • introduction
  • the main body and contents of the paper
  • Citation / Bibliography page
  • appendixes (if specified by the tutor)
  • tables and / or figures
  • APA format Citation Basics

The bibliography page at the end of the paper should be formatted in a way that the name of the author, the publication / article name and the publishing year should be clearly mentioned.

  • In text configuration of an APA style paper:
  • Every quote or extract referred to in the term paper needs to be cited at the end of the quote, and any paragraph illustrating the idea of another author requires to be cited at the end of the paragraph.

The first letter of the title of every source within the text requires to be capitalized.

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