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Guidelines of an APA Essay Format

Professional Help with Writing APA Formatted Essays

Many people will be in the prospective that essay writing is a very easy task as we just need to present our own views about the subject. To some extent it is correct but there are so many other aspects one need to concentrate on while writing essays. Students feel that essay writing is very difficult especially when they are writing any college papers like MBA essays that have to be in an APA essay format. Many people are not aware of this essay format and here I provide the basic guidelines to be followed while writing an essay to meet the standards of APA.

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APA stands for American Psychological Association and many colleges set some rules like students who present their academic papers must follow APA essay format. Those who are new might feel very difficult and this essay is especially meant for them.

Given below are some basic guidelines set by the American Psychological Association for the college essays.

  • Main intention behind such rules and guidelines on essays is to improve the readability of the essay. So the basic thing we must concentrate on is the settings and margins of the word document. APA requires all the essays to use a 1’’ margin on both sides. The default setting of the latest MS word document is 1’’ only but if you are using any old version make sure to change the settings.
  • Ensure you set the paragraphs to be aligned as “double space”. Again default setting for the paragraphs in the latest MS word is double space only but the older ones need to be modified. Using double space for paragraphs eliminates unnecessary blanks between the paragraphs which looks odd on a single glance.

Remember these guidelines are also useful to the students who are preparing to present GED essays.

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  • Keeping a header and footer gives your essay a professional and decent look. Make sure you give nice catchy line in the header. In the footer you can keep the page number or college name etc. If you don’t know how to keep header and footer click on “help” on your MS word and type header. It will guide you.
  • Try to include some references or examples pertinent to the subject in the essay. Remember these references must be genuine and also give meaningful value to your essay.

Generally high school and middle school essays need not follow APA essay format but it is well worth to have the knowledge. In the internet there are many websites that contain more information about these essay formats.

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