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Custom Made Anti – Slavery Essay Papers

Slavery is a practice which is being carried on since the medieval ages, despite being proscribed in countries across the world this evil still exists in the modern world.
The aim of an anti – slavery essay is to concentrate on the concerns of this practice the ways in which slavery is prevalent, the measures taken to curb such practices and the support groups for the affected.
Slavery is a social evil and these types of essays require addressing the impact of such practices on the victims.

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The vital measures taken by our writers for writing good research paper and essays on anti-slavery comprise of:

  • Giving a background on the history and prevalence of slavery

The essay introduction is one of the most vital elements of an essay and one should give a brief account of the prevalence of slavery in different cultures and eras. One should also give a synopsis of the mention of this practice in the Code of Hammurabi and in the bible, this is essential so that the readers are familiarized with the extensiveness and existence of this evil.

  • The types of slavery

There are various types of slavery that are prevalent in today’ world and before addressing the measures and offering suggestions to check such practices, the anti-slavery essay ought to offer a succinct illustration of the ways in which the practice is carried out, these may include:

  1. Threatening persons into forced labor.
  2. Human trafficking
  3. Bonded labor due to debt
  4. Child abandonment

One should extensively research so as to provide as much information and facts on the matter as possible.

  • Statistics and factual information on slavery

It is essential for an anti-slavery essay to bring out the statistics which show the current prevalence of slavery. One should compile recent survey and factual information and analyze the same to bring out interesting learning’s and discoveries on the topic. One should bring out interesting facts like:

  1. The current slavery rate are highest ever recorded.
  2. Reasons for a record of 29.2 million slaves as in 2009 even after stringent global anti – slavery measures.
  3. Enslavement of 20 % of Mauritius population.
  4. The Taubira law and other such regulations

ProfEssays.com writers delve in all such causes and more recent developments on the issue to make the assignment interesting.

  • The affects of slavery

There are immense repercussions on the victims of slavery which need to be attended with the utmost attention. The anti-slavery essay should discuss the psychological and physical state of the victims and the care and support for the victims of the same. One could discuss the various support groups and shelters available for such people and the measures taken to re-establish them in society. The issue of child labor and the trauma the children are put through should also be discussed in detail.

  • Writers opinion on the issue

In these types of essays the writes opinion is extremely important as it is a way of gauging the ability of a writer to take a stand on complex socio political and global issues. However, to do so successfully one ought to be well versed with the prevalence and complexities of these issues on an international level. Hence, writers should undertake a well planned systematic research and research into the details of the subject to make their stand clear.

  • Steps taken to prevent such occurrences

There have been various measures taken to check the prevalence and practice of slavery at a regional as well as international level. Writers should illustrate all significant acts and laws passed to curtail these practices, some of which may comprise of:

  1. The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. United Nations Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery of 1956
  3. The Slave Trade Act of 1807
  4. Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.
  5. Measures and acts passed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) to check such practices.

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