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Anthrax is a highly lethal disease caused by a bacterium called Bacillus anthracis. The animals are the main carrier of the bacteria and even infect human beings. The disease got much attention post September 11 attack in USA. The terrorists used anthrax as a bio-weapon spreading the bacteria by post. One of the oldest known diseases in the human history, Anthrax is famous among the students to explore and learn more. As such anthrax essay is a good way to delve into and expand the knowledge base for the disease. ProfEssays.com offers expert help to the students to deal with anthrax essay.

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You understand, anthrax is a disease with its own typicality. The nature of the disease makes it difficult to conduct the research and explore for more. Thus, over the period of 7 years of its being in writing services, ProfEssays.com has built a strong network of writers. The writers are experienced in dealing with all the complex topics like anthrax essay, essay on H1N1 Vaccine or any other that you come across.

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We have compiled some tips to help you deal with the your essay on anthrax-

  • The medium of transmission – you can focus on how the disease is caught by the animals and human beings. The wild and domestic animals like horses, cow, goat and sheep may get the disease while grazing or by drinking contaminated water. Then, human beings may contact the disease from animals through wools, hides or by inhaling the spores of the bacteria. However, this disease does not transfer from human to human.
  • The symptoms/diagnosis – the anthrax caused due to inhaled bacteria causes flu like symptom, and in few days the respiratory collapse and culminates usually with the death of the victim. If the disease is caught by physical contact like cuts, then the skin gets swollen, and a black lesion appears. If treated early this kind of anthrax is easy to deal with. Also, if the disease has been contracted through meat or milk, the main symptoms are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • The prevention – the prevention measures include vaccination, mainly by those who come into contact of the animals. Also, the animals need to be quarantined if they develop the symptom of anthrax. Any physical contact need to be avoided when a person has been diagnosed with the disease. Taking antibodies if the anthrax bacteria are suspected to be present in the air is also a good way to prevent it.
  • The treatment- the treatments mainly include taking antibodies like Doxycycline, Ciprofloxacin, Penicillin, etc. If there is anthrax like lesion, the fluid should be tested immediately. The treatment may last for several weeks. However you should be careful while choosing this aspect for the essay as you need to be familiar with the medical terminologies.
  • Weapon for terrorism – the bacteria are easily available in the nature. The spores of the bacteria are highly resistive to the change in the environment and they can remain in the environment for decades or even centuries in passive form. When the environmental situation becomes favorable, they are come alive again. The spores can be stored and spread in the air to infect others as a weapon of bio- terrorism. This is exactly what created a havoc post 9/11 in USA.
  • The history and researches – the disease has been even talked about even in Bible. But the bacterium was recognized and the vaccine discovered only in late 19th century. There have many researches to understand the disease and the effective treatments.

You can very well incorporate these ideas into your anthrax essay. Make sure your paper is given a good title. Then give it a strong introduction followed by a well-supported body of few paragraphs. Then close the essay with an impressive conclusion.

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