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Dealing Well With Animal Testing Essay Paper

Help with Writing Your Animal Testing Essays and Research Papers

Every year millions and millions of animals are used for experiments. They are used for study in the area of genetics, developmental biology, medical research, drug testing, cosmetics testing, etc. And a hard fact is that animals do feel! Unfortunately, it is an important way to advance the understanding and advancement of human life. Animal testing has its own necessity and issues. The issues largely are emotional, ethical, moral and philosophical ones. Dealing with such a controversial issues with many complexities is not an easy task. It is always good to get an expert assistance for a good animal testing essay. And ProfEssays.com is an excellent way to make sure that your essay is a quality one.

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Meanwhile, you can take the following tips that will make it easier to deal with your animal testing essay.

  • The necessity – most of the medical breakthrough have been possible only with the help of animal testing. It is absolutely necessary in drug testing and also to the understanding of the lives of animals and human beings. And it is argued and proved that the results of animal testing can be applied to the human beings.
  • The pain and sufferings – the physical trauma the animals in experimentations undergo, the captivity for years after years, and the victim of extreme cruelty and nervous breakdown- these are something that cannot even be perceived when it is about human being. But poor animals, they must tolerate. And these things are happening in spite of the laws and regulations in existence.
  • The ethics – the issue is philosophical and moral. Do means justify the ends? Animal are inferior to human beings, but they do have rights to live as the human beings have. They can think, feel, have desires and are subjected to mental trauma like human beings. This part can also be a good topic for your essay. However, make sure that you do proper research and forward your logics.
  • The animal rights and activities – there have been increased awareness of animal testing and the haphazard use of animals for experiments. The intention here is no to create a complete ban on animal testing, but to regulate it to a greater degree. For example, the groups like Americans for Medical Progress, National Anti-Vivisection Society, etc. are the active groups against haphazard animal testing.
  • Use of alternatives – this is again a pro animal initiation. The use of computer simulation, reduced use of animals and bypassing animal use whenever possible are some of the alternatives to animal testing. However, it has its own disadvantages. The results are often not conclusive as they cannot be applied to human beings. Also the simulations do not provide the same interactions as the animals with the environment.
  • The paradox- we know it is happening, we know it is not right when looked at from animals’ side, but we cannot reject it. Animal testing is a must for researching drugs, for researching to understand human life and for ensuring better health for human beings. And you can delve into the same for the essay; bring out the philosopher in you!

Thus, how a paper comes out is entirely your effort. You should be able to put time and effort for the essay sample. You should do proper research and collect right content for the same. You should then determine your outline which is introduction, then comes the body part, and finally followed by the conclusion. We have some more tips on the link – Helpful Essay Writing Tips.

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