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Analytical Essay and its Sructure

An Analytical Essay as a kind of a term paper has been recently used. It is considered to be one of the most difficult paper to complete in our educational system. It demands great efforts and analytical skills. It differs from the old ones that the form and the plot is more free and it gives an opportunity to the author to express thoughts and thus analyze the object. Nowadays analytical essays are widely spread not only in specific fields such as economics, politics, psychology; it concerns a literary work, an event or even a person.

In order to write an analytical essay you must study the subject thoroughly. Read your prompt several times, underline significant moments until you get to know what exactly you are being asked to do. Your task is to take the subject apart into smaller pieces, examine relations between them and show how they impacted the subject as a whole. You should think over of the actuality of the declared theme.

An analytical essay has its accurate structure. The first step in writing an analytical essay is the Introduction Paragraph. It gives a short explanation of the topic to the reader. As a rule, it consists of one -four sentences. The primary goal of the introduction is to draw the reader into reading your essay. That’s why you should provide an interesting quote, fact or opinion.

The main item of the analytical essay paper is a thesis statement; everything is built around it. The thesis statement must be clear and understandable. It is the last sentence of the Introduction Paragraph and it answers to the teacher’s prompt. This is the sentence which presents one main opinion proved in the essay. The sentence must be specific, justify discussion.

Good example:

“ Oedipus Tyrannous conveys the powerful concept that the humans do not control their Own destiny, and no matter what heights they achieve, they cannot escape the will of the Gods.”

Not so good examples:

“ Night was a powerful book with many examples of cruelty.”

Then you take to the Body Paragraphs or Main Body. The Body Paragraph deals with evidence. It’s task is to answer the question “Why?“ and “How?”. In this part of your essay you must express your point of view bringing examples, quotations, passages. You may discuss, argue, bring another point, but finally explain their relation to the thesis.

The summary of the essay is Conclusion. It is a final part of your essay. It leads you out of the thesis and ties everything together. Frequently it leaves readers thinking about.

As any kind of a good research paper the analytical essay does not permit the following words and phrases:

This quote shows…

In my opinion…

This is important because…

The book shows…

An example is where…

When writing a custom essay keep in your mind: use only the powerful, creative title, adhere literary language, neither colloquial nor jargons. To achieve your goal and thus get a high grade you must remember that writing an analytical essay somehow resembles the lawyer’s job. The verdict is the one: guilty or not guilty. But his prompt is to convince the court, the jury, the presents and build his defensive speech in the way that everybody trusted him.

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