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An English Essay

How to Write a Perfect English Essay

An Essay is the summary of author’s own aspects and opinions about a subject. An English essay is an attempt where the author illustrates his vision about the English language and that could be about the English Literature, its grammar, great poetry and poets, its history and developments from the past. As they are all facts it is very important that the author has to have very good insight towards the subject since he cannot project his views of his own just like that.

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English language is the widely spoken language by the majority of the people across the globe. Though it is spoken at almost all the places in the world there are few variations in the language from place to place. The differences are not much but an English essay is not complete if they are not quoted. To mention a couple of such differences….the slang and accent i.e. the pronunciation of the words are not the same across all the places. USA accent differs from UK, UK accent differs from Asian countries etc. Also the UK literature is different from the USA literature. This is seen extensively in the poetry.

The earliest stage of the language which we call the Old English is evolved in a land that was full of migrants, long established families, temporary settlers, mercenaries, people of mixed ethnic origins and rapidly changing power bases. At a later stage when everyone settled up at their places the language has grown according to the local conventions thus these variations exist.

Grammar plays a very important role in any language. Every language has its own unique grammar rules and the set of principles leading the language is the grammar of the language.

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In schools and colleges students are asked to participate in English essay writing competitions. Since they are learners they choose very simple subject like writing about a great personality, a tourism place, their recent visiting place etc. They mainly concentrate upon their grammar, usage of new English words, writing skills, the way the English essay was organized etc. Graduate students may concentrate on the literature, Poets and poetry in their essays.

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