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A Well Written American Teenagers Essay

Help with Writing Essays on American Teenagers

Teenage is probably the most happening time in our lifecycle. With the change in time or era, the way the teenage behave, the way they fashion, the way they socialize, everything changes. They, in fact, develop their own culture. The American teenagers are not an exception. With the development in technology and change culture in the society, American teenage today are different in many ways than before. And it is imperative to understand this culture deeply to be able to write a good American Teenagers Essay.

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How the American teenagers behave and act is actually the result of the society and the culture they grew up, their friends circle, exposure to technology, media, etc. This culture has its own foundation and it finds its way by itself; the influence being what they are exposed to. Thus understanding this culture demands critical observation and rationalization.

Some ideas to develop a good topic for your American Teenagers Essay are outlined below, take advantage of them.

  • Teenagers and the lifestyle – teenage is a perfect time to try with new culture, to mimic the celebrities, to follow the movies and so on. The pop culture certainly has influenced the American teenagers. For example, the Goth fashion has been a way of life for good number of American teens.
  • Teenagers, sex and abortion – though the tendency of teenagers of getting pregnant is on decline, mainly due to increased education and awareness, American teens are highly active sexually.
  • American teens and education – the teenagers graduating are steadily on rise, thanks to government’s initiatives.
  • Teenagers and the technology – the hi-fi stereo, the iPods, games, are the inseparable part of American teenagers.
  • American teens and texting – more than half of the American teens uses texting every day and over a third of them send more than a hundred text messages every day.
  • Teenagers, drugs and drunkenness – it is not difficult to find a good number of American teens who do drugs and get drunk on regular basis.
  • The teens and socialization – though American teens do love sports and outing, Facebook, and texting are increasingly becoming main way for them to socialize.

You can concentrate on any of the point mentioned above for your essay. You should do in-depth research on the topic. Since American teenage is something you can observe on your own, a good essay means a good observation and analyzing capacity from your side.

Additionally, you should back your topic with statistics. For example if you are talking about teenage abortion, give a statistics, the negative impact of the same in the physical and mental health of the teenager. Ensure that you deal wisely with the topic by giving proper attention to various aspects.

Then you should put the materials collected in right sequence- introduction, body and conclusion. In introduction you tell the reader why it is significant to talk that aspect of American teenagers. In body part you deal with the issue with respect to teenagers. Here you give facts, your ideas, expert’s opinion and your observation. Make sure that you convince the readers of your points. Finally the conclusion is a closing part of your essay. You summarize your contention of the issue dealt and your final declaration. Make sure every single sentence is worth writing and that they are contributing to your essay.

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