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Writing Help on Allegations of Domestic Violence Essay

Know How to Write Allegation of Domestic Violence Essays

Domestic violence means the abusive behaviors by a member towards another member of a household. The term violence includes the physical harm, sexual abuse, murder, threat to inflict harm or murder. Though the reports of domestic violence are in decline over the years, it still is in existence and remains a major social issue too. However, there also are false allegations of domestic violence on rise. Obviously allegations of domestic violence essays are not easy to deal on account of many issues and intricacies attached. This may have made you confused on how to start or develop the paper. Well, if that is the case, you can take advantage of expertise that ProfEssays.com offers you.

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Understand the following concepts before starting the allegations of domestic violence essays –

  • About statistic – statistics carried out differ a lot depending upon the parameter used to collect the data. Also, the allegation of domestic violence is much under-reported. The main reasons are social stigma attached to it and wrong approaches and actions from the related authority. Further, the researches show that allegation of domestic violence by women is more than the men reporting the same.
  • The laws and women – the laws highly favor the women. Well, this is justified to some extent because the women victims are more compared to men victims. And the men find it hard to fight and win the allegations.
  • The reasons – the main reasons to violence could be drunkenness, depression, short temper, obsession- e.g. with sex, negative attitude, some ulterior motives, or heated arguments between the victim and the one inflicting the harm.
  • The trend – domestic violence instances are not new. It is just that the way of looking at it is different. And it is treated differently in different countries, societies, and cultures. Male, traditionally are stronger than women and hence male domination is normal in many society. Also, different societies and cultures have different way to see domestic violence. For example, sexual relation without the consent of the spouse is treated violence in west, whereas, in some parts, it is quite normal and does not count as an offense.
  • False allegation – this is a highly controversial issue surrounding the allegation. The number of allegations believed by the courts and the number of actual domestic violence are said to have disparity. False allegations are obviously difficult to deal with and how the laws deal with it also determines the future trends of the same.
  • The consequence – physical harm, death and psychological impact are the negative effects. It may also lead to allegations in the court of law. Also the person who is deemed guilty attracts punishment from the court as per the extent of harm.

Besides, you can also focus on how to save yourself from domestic violence. You can also talk about the stories of some of the victims of domestic violence. But always ensure that you deal carefully with the victims as the matter is highly sensitive. Further you can also take up an issue like the psychological impact of domestic violence in the victim.

You can also forward your opinion or ideas on how the society can deal with domestic violence. Besides you can analyze the laws or the rules surrounding the allegation of domestic violence and suggest your own ideas.

Whatever topic you choose is entirely your choice; however you must ensure that you do a good research before you start writing about it. Also understand that the topic is highly sensitive and controversial. So it is always good to predict the counter-arguments and then address the same in your paper.

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