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Agriculture Term Paper What Makes It Productive and Flourishing

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Agriculture is commonly associated with the cultivation of land to produce food. It is one of the technological developments that have become one of the key markers of the development of civilization. This advancement has been developed a few millennia back. From the time that it was practiced to today, agricultural has gone a long way. Many innovations have been invented and varied practices have been conceptualized to maximize a land’s productivity. Crop rotation, irrigation, and fertilizers are just few of the key contributions that have increased the potential of land. Agriculture is a major component in our history, as humans.

In fact, agriculture allowed for the development of civilization. As food is the basic necessity of any individual, sustaining one self with agriculture has been an established element of any developing or developed civilization. The earliest civilizations that were known to have practiced farming and cultivating were those in the Fertile Crescent region. This region is in Western area and aptly named like so because of the crescent-like shape of the land. Moreover, this piece of land is also known for the fertility and richness of their soil. Today, the area that was known as the Fertile Crescent consists of the following countries: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Region and parts of Turkey and Iran. Read more: methodology example, essay template and APA essay format.

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Ancient agriculture was very limited. During these times, there were few crops that were being cultivated by farmers. Known as the Neolithic founder crops, these plant species were domesticated in the Fertile Crescent farming regions. These crops are cereals (barley, emmer wheat and einkorn wheat) pulses (lentil, bitter vetch, pea and chickpea) and flax. As opposed to ancient agriculture, modern agriculture refers to multiple elements in agriculture. ProfEssays.com enlists some of these below, with a brief description.

Agribusiness, as implied by the term, is any business that is related to agriculture or farming. Any business interest in relation to food industry and production is considered a sub-discipline of agribusiness.

  • Contrary to common belief, urban agriculture does not limit cultivating in an urban area. Since urban areas rarely have the ample space to accommodate farming, this type of agriculture also accommodates farming in the peri-urban areas. The produce of this sustains the needs of those who are in the urban areas.
  • Intensive farming is the agriculture that is characterized by a huge investment on capital that is dedicated towards labor, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Organic farming is the agriculture that is reliant on natural ways of farming. These are crop rotation, biological pest control and use of manure as fertilizers.
  • Sustainable agriculture’s aim is to ensure the profit of an agricultural land, without compromising the environment – and at the same time, contributing to the society and community.
  • Industrial agriculture is when crops are produced industrially. Aside from crops, livestock and fish are also included in this form of farming.

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