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The Basic Points to Remember In Writing African American Studies Term Paper

Know How to Write African American Studies Term Papers

The main thrust of African American studies in universities and colleges is to provide further studies and further understanding of the history of people with African descent and currently living in Americas. Today, it is approximated that there are more than 100 million of Black people today in the land of Americas. African American studies rose due to the needs that have been established – as dictated by the subjugation and discrimination that the Africans have received in the past few decades. Incidences of aggression and antagonism are common experiences for the African Americans.

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Together with this discrimination, many of the documents which record their history were removed from the library. Moreover, many of the younger generation of the African Americans were forced to be stripped off their cultural identity and traditions. Many of them have forgotten their roots, and have used languages which caused further drift from their real identity.

The loss of their recorded history and the unbecoming adaptation of other languages and culture paved the way for African American studies to rise. With an aim to maintain the links of the people with Africa, ProfEssays.com says that writing an African American studies term paper can provide a remarkable contribution to the development of this curriculum.

Because of the lack of deeper understanding of the African Americans, it is necessary to appreciate the need for this course. Our ignorance on their rich culture has become very evident with the different names that the society has labeled them with. Some of these derogatory terms remain existent and in use today, namely: nigger, blackie, and spade. Aside from eradicating stereotyping, African American studies also have the objective of rewriting the history of America, where their stories and contribution will also be told; and the provision of an opportunity for the African Americans to relate their own history.

These improbable objectives may seem to be far fetched, but ProfEssays.com assures that with the right term paper topic for your African American studies term paper, your assigned custom term paper can make its contribution – no matter how minute – to the further advancement of this subject. Some of the following term paper ideas may help you conjure up a topic for your academic paper on African American studies.

  • Historical accounts of how Black men and women established their career in a world dominated by White men and women
  • Furthering intellectual history of the Black Americans: the documented accounts and social contribution of William Edward Burghart DuBois
  • Different radical movements that aimed to instill equality and eradicate racism
  • Creating the standard reference of Black American History: Carter Godwin Woodson and his The Negro in our History
  • The major phases on the movement to push for African American Studies
  • Creating a unified and feasible core curriculum for the Studies on African American history
  • African, Negro, Colored, Black, Non White: What’s in a name – an evolution on the varying tags and the accompanying identity crisis
  • When the Europeans colonized Africa: the time line and the turn of events that lead towards losing their identity
  • Africa in its early years: how the Africans sustained for their life and addressed their basic needs
  • A comparative analysis on the origins of African American intellectuals
  • The African continent and the Soviet Union: a comparative analysis of its features, history, industry and people
  • African American slave trade and its political, social and economical impact on England and the United States
  • Compassion and the weakening of the system of slave trade in Europe
  • Slave revolts as a method of gaining the African American freedom: its effect on the human and social psyche
  • The rise in confidence and the emerging movements in enforcing social equality in the 20th century
  • Last hire and the first fired: The continuing discrimination experienced by the Black Americans who settled in industrialized urban areas
  • Living as a Black Americans: the segregation of families in cities and the formation of Black neighborhoods
  • Black studies and the pop culture: how African Americans emerged triumphant in the entertainment business

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