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Primary Components of an Acne Vulgaris Essay

Help with Writing Your Acne Vulgaris Essays, Research Papers and Coursework

An acne vulgaris essay deals with the most common skin condition, acne, which affects the face, shoulders, back and chest.

These types of essays and assignments deals with the dermatological treatment involved the causes, symptoms and other complications of acne vulgaris.

This is a specialized assignment where in students require having a basic medical insight and diagnostic capabilities to fabricate a good essay and share their understanding on the pertaining topic.

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However, ProfEssays.com has made available their expertise to students by presenting below the primary components that an acne vulgaris essay requires holding, these comprise of:

  • Reason behind skin ailment

An acne vulgaris essay ought to give a brief explanation on the causes of acne. One should elucidate the blocking of the sebaceous glands and the buildup of sebum and infection due to the same. Students should undertake a proper research and understand the reason behind the skin breaking into acne and lucidly illustrate the same in the paper.

  • Symptoms of acne vulgaris

In a good research paper or an essay pertaining to such a subject writers most essentially should discuss the symptoms of the ailment. In case of an acne vulgaris essay students should look at discussing and elaborating the following symptoms:

  • Blackheads and small pimples on the face, shoulders, back and chest
  • Pimples filled with pus and sebum
  • Inflamed, painful cysts in the skin
  • Redness and inflammation of the skin
  • Causes of the condition

Writers should delve into the various causes of acne so as to be able to explain the same in the paper, one needs to be give substantial medical reasoning and facts while bringing out the causes of acne vulgaris. Writers should elaborate on the hereditary, hormonal, cleanliness and dietary and other such causes that might result in the skin disorder.

  • Complications and aftermaths

The main after effect of acne that in most cases gives rise to complications and low confidence is the remains of scars and dark spots. There are also other complexities that are involved pre and post undergoing a dermatological treatment, in this section of an acne vulgaris essay, students can also look at explain the reaction that one might face during the treatment and medication taken for curing the disorder.

  • Treatment and prevention

The treatment and prevention of acne is the most important component of this type of essay, students should look at describing preventive measures and basic healing measures such as:

  • Regularly washing the affected areas with luke warm water and soap / detergent, as this helps in disinfection and unblocking skin pores.
  • Using proprietary acne lotion and drying creams.
  • Increasing the intake of water.
  • Following a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Dermatological consultation

This is one of the key fragments of an acne vulgaris essay, for conjuring up this part of the paper; students should thoroughly study the varied types of acne cases. Since acne is a condition which can be treated at home and cured through home remedies, one needs to explain the conditions under which the effected should consult a dermatologist for treatment. These conditions could include:

  • Formation of cyst and scars.
  • Allergies and reactions due to the usage of lotions etc.
  • Spreading of the acne due to non response of home remedies.

One should also give a brief of the type of treatment and medication that is required to treat this condition. Usually the treatment involves a course of antibiotics, creams and lotions and any other anti-fungal ointments etc.

  • Precautions that one can take

Acne is a common occurrence in teenagers and is a large cause of concern particularly for their appearance, hence, to make the acne vulgaris essay sample interesting students should table some precautions that one can take to prevent the appearance and spread of acne vulgaris, some of which could comprise of:

  1. Ensuring adequate intake of vitamin D by getting ample exposure to sunlight.
  2. Using proprietary lotions and drying creams.
  3. Not using excessive cosmetics on the affected areas
  4. Tying up the hair to make sure it does not contact the skin.
  5. Avoid squeezing the acne and removing puss.
  6. Frequently washing the areas with water and increasing the intake of drinking water to cleanse the system.

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