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Abduction Phenomenon Essay

Essentials for writing an Abduction phenomenon essay.

Abduction phenomenon is a parlance which is used to suggest the existence of aliens on earth, and their act of entrancing humans for experimental purposes.

An abduction phenomenon essay typically deals with the reasons behind such acts, its aftermaths on humans and some cases suggesting the occurrence of the same.

This is an interesting topic to work on, however, it can be extremely demanding and time consuming as it is based completely on factual evidence and scientific research.

There are also numerous theories and concepts that are attached to this phenomenon that students need to delve into while working on these types of essays and papers.

To give students an expert insight into this topic the top quality custom essay professionals of ProfEssays.com have elaborated on some essential points that students must work on while fabricating an abduction phenomenon essay, these comprise of:

  • The rejection of the concept of abduction phenomenon

The notion of abduction phenomenon has been cast off by scientist and doctors as many believe that such claims made by individuals is a result of their delusion and mental condition. Therefore, while writing an abduction phenomenon essay, students should examine and portray the causes of rejection of such events and also portray and explanation of conspiracy theory and science fiction works that support the rejection of such claims.

  • History of alien abductions

In these types of essays it is essential for writers to convince the readers of the existence of the concept, for which one should research into the history of such events and bring out some interesting cases that have substantiated the occurrences of these events. ProfEssays.com recommends that students give an account of the Antonio Villas Boas and the hill abduction case which were two of the most attention grabbing cases proffering evidence into the occurrence of such events.

  • The sequence of events

It is extremely vital to describe the chain of events of the abduction phenomenon this gives the readers an insight into the whole procedure, the typical sequence of events include:

  1. The seizure of the individual by the extra terrestrial beings.
  2. Experiments, examinations and tests conducted on the humans.
  3. Communicating and interacting with the aliens.
  4. Touring the alien space – craft.
  5. The return of the captive to earth.
  6. The consequences and effect of the entire even on the individual.
  • The aftermath and consequences

In an abduction phenomenon essay students should give a detailed analysis of the impact that such events have on the victim. These should comprise of the psychological and physical conditions of the victim, the social repercussions that a returned individual might face and the possible changes in their daily lives. In this segment of the paper a writer can proffer his personal opinions with regard to the issues being raised, this further adds to making the essay intriguing.

  • Recovery and treatment

The recovery of a captive individual is followed by treatment and care, which is also of significance to be discussed in the abduction phenomenon essay. Writers should delve into the psychological treatment of the victims, the usage of hypnotherapy to help them recollect their experiences. Writers should also research on the existence of various support groups for victims and the help given to them to recoup from their trauma.

  • Recent occurrences and events

After giving accounts of past events and the consequences of such acts writers should research for events that have occurred in the recent past and narrate the same briefly in the essay. This helps in keeping the attention of the readers and also displays the dedication of the student towards the assignment.

  • Findings and conclusion

In an abduction phenomenon essay students should closely analyze all the research data and bring out any interesting findings and discoveries that they might have made during the course of writing the essay. The conclusion of the essay should hold the learning’s of a student and their personal stand on the issues pertaining to abduction phenomenon.

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Essentials for writing an Abduction phenomenon essay

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