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500 Word Essay – 7 Practical Writing Tips

More on How to Create a Good 500 Word Essay

Most people are afraid to write 500 word essay for obvious reasons, they believe it’s too long, they would rather stick with the 100, 200, word essay, in my opinion, if you do not have knowledge about the essay topic you wish to write about, even a 30 word essay will become a daunting task for you.

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Strategy of Writing 500 Word Essays

1. Understand what you are requested to write about in the essay topic, take note of hidden meaning, if you where given a prompt to choose a topic from understanding the different essay types, and various approaches to write them is very needful, examples of other types of essays are; persuasive, leadership, descriptive, analytic, aborting, philosophy and psychology etc. Each of these essay type have different styles, find out what they are.
2. Brainstorm try to think up a new idea of writing the essay,
3. Conduct research on the topics, make sure the knowledge acquired is exhaustive, you will be surprise that when writing your findings in the essay 500 words writing may no longer be the problem, but how to trim off some words.

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4. In the process of writing essay, and you hit a blank wall, use essay help, could be from friends, libraries, references, internet, etc
5. At the beginning of writing focus only on putting down your thoughts and information gathered, disregard word counting at this juncture, and never mind about the quality of write up, just continue to write, there will be enough time later to read through your essay.
6. Essay editing is another tactics to use; editing does not only mean trimming up of essay it also includes adding contents.
7. Design a good essay outline; this will direct you in your write up, act as a plan that leads you through the whole process of writing.

Some Outline suggestions:
Thesis statements; hand out your assertions here, let readers know what you intend to achieve in the write up.

Introduction: List out different points gotten from your previous findings in different paragraphs, give very brief information, creates curiosity in your readers that will induce them to continue reading to the end.

Body: Give detailed information about your ideas, points that you have raised, with relevant support, references, and essay examples, etc

Conclusion: State the goal you mentioned in the thesis, and re-emphasis your claim.

Don’t allow the essay length put you off, keep your focus on supplying high quality information, use good grammar, proper sentence structure, and efficient use of tenses, good luck.

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